April 6 1917 = WW1 does April 6 2017 = WW3, ch”v?

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    The USA entered into World War I on April 6 1917, it looks like exactly 100 years later, on the same day, it might have entered WW3


    what do you mean by that?


    As if anyone seriously worries about the US bombing the Syrians. You do realize that using poison gas against civilians is considered a heinous war crime. Though if you want an analogy, if the US enters the Syrian War on one side it could tilt the war in that side’s favor (presumably the Kurds and/or the Syrian insurgents, to the detriments of ISIS and the Syrians (backed by the Iranians and Russians). However there is minimal chance of this leading to something bigger (since as it is the Russians are not in a position to do much, and the Iranians don’t want to totally alienate the rest of the Islamic world by supporting Assad after he goes around gassing people).

    It does seriously hurt the Democratic party in the USA which invested much political capital in arguing that Trump is a Russian agent. It also might warn both Russia and North Korea that the “mad man” in the White House isn’t to trusted to turn a blind eye to their aggression (unlike his super-cool risk-averting predecessor).


    Akuperma, while it’s convenient to put all the bad guys on the same side, ISIS and the Syrians are opponents in this war, not allies. Hizbullah and the Russians are with Syrian regime aka Assad. ISIS is on the same side as Syrian rebels aka insurgents, and apparently the USA. If it sounds like a mess, that’s because it is.
    As for the title of this thread, Al tiftach peh…
    It’s almost Pesach. May we be zoche to a true zman cheiruseinu!


    I have to agree with Alter, the Thead Titler, on this one.

    We can debate the rights and wrongs of this action for a long time, and doubtless will, but let’s not get overboard with this.


    Where did Alter say whatever he said?


    Nisson 14, 5677 & Nisson 10, 5777 is not 1 century to the day, so this entire topic is flawed.


    WW3 seems to be getting off to a rather slow start…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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