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    * Elad, like Bnei Brak, a Haredi town, overwhelmingly avoiding IDF draft.

    * Elad is situated in what is called within the ‘Green line.’

    * Days earlier Y Sinwar of Hamas called to atrack Jews with axes.

    * The racist butchers hit with an axe to the head.

    * The Islamists shouted Allah Akbar.

    * Hours earlier, a councilman spotted illegal Arab residents staying, he alerted the police, but he was rather the one arrested by an (Woke – Haaretz, B’tselem)

    * Days earlier, right winger Ben Gvir was chased out by the local Haredim.

    * “Palestinians”, such as in Nablus celebrate, handing out sweets.


    May Hashrmem heal the wounded – Refua Shleima, be menachem yesomim and Almanos


    Right Wingers are instigating the Arabs by entering the Har Habayis. They are rodfim for causing the death of Jews.


    Haimy since it might be a halachic problem to enter Har Habayis I agree that we shouldn’t, but if it wasn’t an issue would you still sustain your opinion that we shouldn’t be able to go to our holiest site in our own land because it upsets the Arab? The Arabs are the ones who shouldn’t be allowed there. If anything no one should be allowed to enter. If Jews can’t go up there then certainly Arabs shouldn’t either!


    Jews need to stop employing Arabs. There are enough Jews to build, stack shelves etc if employers pay a decent salary. Employ people with disabilities.

    And Israel needs to stop caring what the rest of the world thinks.

    kavod Habriot

    The North is filled with these pigs. They are picking olives with their families all summer long. They sleep in tents with their families in many communities and work all day together picking olives. Last time I heard there is a Moshava named Yavne’el Up North. They host hundreds of Palestinians from Jenin which is known to have the worst of them all. Well, they are living in the fields of Yavne’el and other fields all across the North for 4 months long. Enough already! It’s time to stop this trash. They are Murderers!!! We would rather live than eat olives. Time to stop this nonsense and put an end to all these trespassers. The biggest issue is that the heads of these communities and the Police know about this and they don’t want to do anything about it cuz “who is gonna pick the olives for us?? HORRIBLE!!!


    Yet for some reason the breslov moshav of yavna’el has never BH seen a terror attack. Doesn’t really fit with the narrative you’re describing

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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