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    Stop deflecting, it doesn’t become you
    We are discussing trump, not the son of our incoming President,
    No one elected the son to any office.
    Trump was elected in 2016 and lost in 2020.
    Biden will be sworn in on January 20th. His son has no official position. I hioghly doubt he will have a White House position as the profiteering Kushners hold.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “The dor hamabul’s fate was sealed because of gezel. Also called white collar crime. Insider trading , , borrowing and not repaying etc …..“

    It for sure isn’t called looting right?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Coffee- not only that but word has it jill biden was still married when his relationship started with her. But don’t repeat that to anyone cuz trump facts are all true but biden facts are all conspiracy theories and fox news rumors (or excuse de jour)

    emes nisht sheker

    Health – I get it. You are anti-abortion but pro-idolatry. Totally politics based in religion. Not sure why abortion occupies you so much but not idolatry. I know when it is convenient easy to pick and choose. Does not sound like anything based in the Torah rather just some cult-like mentality.

    Btw, love how you simply ignore that you are all over the place. One comment you are talking about American History and the next you forgot all about it. It almost seems you just spout whatever thought comes to mind in the hope that something sticks.

    emes nisht sheker

    Word is Jill was in middle of a messy civil divorce in in March that year when she and Joe were set up. She completed the divorce in May. Thanks for the gossip. Not sure in what world that behavior is improper. Halacha is pretty clear that once the relationship is over, regardless of the technicalities of civil divorce she is not considered married.

    But, don’t tell that to Trumptards. In their world only improper actions by their messiah are good whereas whatever everyone else does regardless if there is anything improper or not is automatically bad.

    So much for smug haughtiness. It never ends with some. They hypocrisy just continues to drip.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    ” don’t repeat that to anyone cuz trump facts are all true but biden facts are all conspiracy theories and fox news rumors”

    Baruch Hashem there is always a poster to live up to the expectations. It’s amazing how some seem to be so involved with even the most insignificant and personal details of the members of their party. hmmm, almost like you would do for a hero, or god. Even the stuff only carried by the tabloids.



    Looting too. The point was that toavos are not the only cause of destruction of society.


    ENS -“I get it. You are anti-abortion but pro-idolatry.”

    And I get you – You LOVE To Lie!
    I’m Not Pro – Idolatry.
    You seem to Imagine that Anybody that’s Against the Legality of Abortion, must be Pro – Idolatry.
    Don’t put your Fantasies on Someone Else!

    “Thanks for the gossip”

    Thanks for More Lying.
    Jill’s ex. put out or is putting out a book – claiming Jill & Joe had an Affair in the ’70’s!
    You sure Don’t Know any Torah.


    I’m a proud sufferer of Trump derangement syndrome. I’d have voted for Pence or most other Republicans over Biden or most Democrats, but I’d have voted for most Democrats (except AOC, Ohmar, Warren, that sort) over Trump.

    Free college for all? No, this is a terrible idea. Increasing college education mainly just raises the cost in years and tuition and taxpayer subsidies for alumni to be considered “educated” and employable in many occupations. Moreover, free college is a handout to the educated class, who have much higher income than the so-called “uneducated.”

    More taxes and regulations? I’d prefer decreasing both taxes and public expenditures. But given that American politicians of both parties hate decreasing expenditures, I’d prefer they finance government bloat with higher taxes than by growing the debt:GDP ratio as they do in status quo. As for regulations, it depends on the regulation. Many regulations are pointless and just create headaches and restrict economic adjustments. Many regulations are well advised. Overall, I’m sceptical of government’s ability and motivation to design regulations well, so broadly speaking I’d like deregulation.

    Open borders? Our best evidence shows that near-future economic costs of low-skilled immigration aren’t as dire as many pretend, but they do exist. However there’s a powerful humanitarian case for allowing more immigration. And there’s a tradeoff between allowing greater immigration and the welfare state: you can have one but not both. I think humans come first, and Americans have no special claim on my empathy, so I’d favor massively reducing the welfare state and greatly increasing immigration.

    everyone white automatically inherently racist? Given how the social justice crowd now defines racism, yes, everyone who doesn’t twist themselves into a pretzel to deny obvious stats is racist. But per the colloquial definition, no, very few Americans are racist.

    All policemen bigoted? Controlling for exogeneity (outside factors like the rate of people committing crimes or attacking cops) there’s solid evidence that in aggregate cops stop and beat, but not kill, Black men disproportionately. Of course that doesn’t mean that all cops treat people differently by race, but the effect shows up in aggregate.

    Pro abortion? I think abortion is sinful and tragic, as is the act that leads to it. But maybe it should still be legal because many mothers who wish to abort would otherwise turn to worse alternatives like underground abortion clinics or DIY solutions.

    Anti 2a? I don’t know what the effects of different gun control regimes are on violent crime rates and countering government tyranny, so I’m somewhat neutral. I’m not convinced that civilian guns necessarily REDUCE rather than INCREASE government tyranny – the presence of guns in a region may make government agents much more tyrannical (eg Waco!). And if they increase crime rates, that may worsen political tensions which could also make government tyranny MORE likely.

    Iran nuclear deal? If the alternative to the JCPOA were a better deal or the US or a coalition bombing their facilities, I’d oppose the JCPOA. But Trump’s scrapping the deal with no replacement nor bombings just leaves them more likely to develop nukes. The Iranians threw out the IAEA inspection regime and are now poised to just make a run for nuke capabilities.

    Many Americans prefer almost any Republican to Trump because he is uniquely divisive and selfish. He stoked the partisan flames every chance he got. He empowered the far-left and the far-right. He threw US allies under the bus out of incompetence and political expedience. He forced decent Republicans to lie and smear honest federal officials who called out his nonsense. He rocked the canoe and splashed mud over the rowers and wouldn’t stop even after he lost in an election where his party did well.

    emes nisht sheker

    RatingStheRumpus – Wow, a reasonable conservative here. You can see from my own posts that I don’t agree with all your points, but nice to see someone actually who a debate can be had with. With the others here it is like, if you don’t agree with me then God hates you and you are a sinner and you hate America. While they happened before I was born, I recently listened to an old debate between Nixon and JFK. Disregarding any issues with Nixon later on, the tone of the debate was we both want what is best for this country but we disagree on how you get there. Not this sick, depraved view that the Trump cult espouses that Democrats hate this country.

    emes nisht sheker

    Health – So maybe you can understand that just because someone says the government should not be involved in Abortion does not mean they are pro-abortion. It is not unlike you not wanting to take a position on freedom of religion and you are saying that does not mean you are pro-idolatry. At least I am consistent in that I support both freedom of religion and don’t want the government involved in abortion. These are both overall personal things that I don’t see why government needs to be involved in either. If you think religion demands you be opposed to abortion and you have to make political choices based on that, then religion also demands you be opposed to idolatry and you should pursue that in your political choices. You don’t get to pick and choose what Noahide laws are important, at least not in Judaism. This is why I repeat your politics are not based in the Torah. They are based on something else. I can’t say what for sure, but definitely not Jewish tradition.


    ENS -“So maybe you can understand that just because someone says the government should not be involved in Abortion does not mean they are pro-abortion”

    This statement would make sense, if we were the Only country that has Laws regarding Abortion.
    But it’s something countries regulate, eg. Poland has Very Strict Abortion Laws!

    “They are based on something else. I can’t say what for sure, but definitely not Jewish tradition”

    Another Lie!
    From previously – this Country doesn’t have a Problem with idolatry, but it does have a Major Problem with the Amount of Abortions that Occur here!
    This is Something that every MORAL Human Being, religious or not, Should be concerned With!!!

    emes nisht sheker

    Health – Thanks for clarifying that you have no idea what practices are considered idolatry or to what extent it occurs in the US. Because, that is the only way you can suggest this country does not have a problem with idolatry. Statistics of people that follow various religions that are in halacha clearly considered idolatry are not hard to find. People also do this openly and proudly. This is far more egregious than abortion. But then again, when your politics are based in something other than the Torah guess it is easy to pick and choose your issues and say that you are representing God. Far harder to actually study what God wants from you and to represent that.


    ENS -“Thanks for clarifying that you have no idea what practices are considered idolatry or to what extent it occurs in the US”

    This is a free country. The DemonCrats aren’t in charge.
    So why don’t you tell us?

    I know some Native Indians, Buddhists & some Mexicans do it, but it’s definitely not widespread!
    Ya’see – if your posts had any Validity – you’d be Screaming – I’m Right with Many Proofs!
    The Truth is Abortions way outweigh any Idolatry in this Country!


    It is far more spread in the USA than you seem to realize or admit.
    The Dominicans (not the order of Nuns, but those from the DR) and Hatians practice both Voodoo and Santaria, which mixes African and indigenous idolatry with Catholicism.
    Many Puerto Ricans do as well.
    On the streets of NY and many other northeast urban areas you will see many stores labelled Botanico Chango. These shops sell the supplies for idol worship by the Hispanic community.
    There are many millions in the US who practice this, a shockingly high amount if you count the population of PR living on the Island, not the mainland.


    CTLawyer -“There are many millions in the US who practice this, a shockingly high amount if you count the population of PR living on the Island, not the mainland.”

    Those families that have the tradition – usually there is only one in the family that actually practices it.
    And it’s usually the mother. And even her, she basically uses it as a Talisman. That’s not Avodah Zorah.
    Abortion is a Real Problem in the USA!
    It’s Funny how you know about the Island people, Yet you live in Conn. LOL!
    I worked in NYC and I was exposed to a lot of them.

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