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    How can we give kids Band-Aids when they can cut off circulation?

    My thumb is turning purple, but earlier this evening, I cut a gash of skin off the joint, where it bends. Last time I peeked, blood gushed out all over again.

    Is this a job for Super Glue?

    Thank you ☺


    LB, a Band-Aid should not cut off circulation, unless you’ve applied it too tight.

    To try to get the bleeding to stop, apply pressure with a clean tissue. Keep the pressure constant, not looking underneath for about 5 minutes and keep the checks to every 5 minutes until you see the bleeding finally slow to a stop. If you are doing this for 20 minutes and do not see any lessening, then I would go to the emergency room. ALERT – DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE on your skin. You may need stitches if it is a deep gash, but if the skin across the top is missing, they may not have what to sew down. The area where there is a joint is notorious for difficulties closing as the constant movement of the area disrupts the clot and the bleeding renews itself. Definitely go to to an urgent care center if the bleeding is not manageable and coming to a stop. I know this is getting to you long after your post, so I hope things have resolved themselves without restoring to any hardware products.


    I don’t know if “20 minutes” is always a realistic limit.

    While slicing a vegetable with a newly purchased, very sharp knife, I cut off a chunk of a finger tip. I was tempted to go to the emergency room. Instead, I wrapped the injured area with gauze and adhesive tape. It took about 24 hours for the bleeding to stop completely, and a week or so for the skin to grow back.

    I also included a specific request for healing in the relevant blessing of each Shemoneh Esrei,

    But that’s just my personal experience.


    I’ll admit to having once cut myself and out of impatience stopped the bleeding with ice instead of pressure, but doing things right is safer.


    LB -“Is this a job for Super Glue?”

    You should marry a guy that’s in the medical field. He’d take care of you!
    Anyways, we have a medical version of Super Glue, buy I don’t use it because the companies that make it, charge an arm and a leg! It probably cost them to make it the same as making Super Glue.
    There are many other ways to deal bleeding wounds.
    Go get medical attention!


    Ban band aids


    Thanks everyone!

    It was still bleeding after 1-2 hrs when I removed the Band-Aids, but wasn’t bleeding as long as I had them wrapped around tight. I put on looser Band-Aids before sleep, and elevated my hand with a pillow. When I woke up and changed the Band-Aids, I started bleeding again. Thankfully, last time I checked, about 20 min ago, it wasn’t bleeding – but looks freshly cut.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if we just had extra skin on hand to do grafts? Instead of a Band-Aid being removable, what if it was just skin that we could add on?

    Btw Health, I’ve used regular super glue on my fingers before, to seal up the sensitive crevices near peeling skin around my fingernail – Is medical grade super glue sold in tiny little squirt bottles too? Does it also dry super quickly?


    Nechomah: Thank YOU!!! 🙂

    You said, “The area where there is a joint is notorious for difficulties closing as the constant movement of the area disrupts the clot and the bleeding renews itself.” — SUCH truth! And that explains why it started back as soon as I removed the Band-Aid – it was like barely anything, but I did bend my thumb again, which is when it started back up too.

    Hashem is so amazing how he created us whole – with skin all over these bendy places 🙂


    they are only safe if they are made by mitzvah kinder;-)

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