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    Why are there no halachic issues with braces. They are metal and you are chewing hot milchigs and hot fleishigs with them? No different then a fork.

    Reb Eliezer

    I think it is not yad soledes bo.


    Well we pay so much money for them so they cant not be kosher??!!


    I read a related article about “mouth applicances” (I can’t remember where), and the author’s opinion was that it’s not an issue, since they’re designed so as not to absorb (or impart) taste.


    Would Pesach be any different than regular milchigs and fleishigs?


    laskern – ” I think it is not yad soledes bo.”

    Rreb Moshe’s shiyur of yad sodes is 110 degrees (slightly higher than body temperature of 99) which covers most soups, coffees, sizziling steaks etc.

    The braces are definately boleah. (Some also think so about fillings, crowns etc!)

    The suggestion of major poskim (myself included) is “k’bolo kach polto” – which means to not use any hot or sharp chometz for 24-hours (not to be a ben-yomo), and rinse the mouth with the hottest water one can tolerate (since that is the degree of the beleah, that would suffice for the pelita).

    However this is a kula. Necessary, when required.

    If the braces can be easily removed, then they would require hagolah (boiling water)

    The alternative is to use a blow torch on the braces and get them red hot – not very pleasant – I speak from experience – don’t try it without Hatzala’s number handy and don’t say I didn’t warn you. (It could be that then you would have a din of a shoteh, which would exempt you from the entire issur of chometz b’pessach).


    YidForYashrus – “Would Pesach be any different than regular milchigs and fleishigs?” Yes, chometz is “afilu b’mashehu”, bittul does not apply, we are much more machmir by blios of issur of chometz b’pessach (in keilim).


    Bottom line – if you are about to use a blow torch on your braces, DON’T! You have a din of a shoteh, and no need to worry about kashering them.

    Reb Eliezer

    Don’t eat chametz for twenty four hours.


    It still has absorbed chometz and gives out flavor (te’eema) when exposed to warm (above 110 degrees) or sharp foods (such as onion or vinegar). Although, a nosen taam li’fgam, but still 100% ossur (unless one is a Kaaritte which does not keep d’rabbonons – but then there are many other practices that differ from Judaism).

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