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    Camps are different then school, since the risk of opening up for the redundant last month of the year wasnt worth the risk of mass infection. but now that we see the corona virus infection rate falling it might be worth it to open camps. another reason to open camps is that it will be difficult to open the economy with children at home.


    Sleep-away camps are the best way to safely build population immunity and protect our elderly.

    Day camps can be deadly.

    Amil Zola

    Dayeinu, it has yet to be determined if herd immunity can be achieved with this virus . There are people who have tested positive and whose blood showed antibodies. Two weeks later there are no antibodies.





    “Two weeks later there are no antibodies”

    So what is the plan then everyone to stay hunkered down unitl there is a vaccine? And then once there is a vaccine, we all get it every two weeks?

    Viruses don’t just disappear, Covid19 will be around for a long long time . If antibodies wane after two weeks (and I’d like the source for that statement please) we may as well go out with a bang and let the kids have a blast of a summer


    ubiq: It’s a realistic possibility they’ll never come up with a vaccine. Or that it’ll be multiple years before they do.


    “Two weeks later there are no antibodies.”
    anti bodies don’t disappear what happens is the vaccine mutates and the anti bodies are pointless



    “It’s a realistic possibility they’ll never come up with a vaccine. Or that it’ll be multiple years before they do”

    Of course! I’m not sure why you thought I felt otherwise .

    All I said was IF antibodies disappear after 2 weeks. Then a Vaccine won’t help (when/if it is developed)


    cofeeletz: Are you a physician? Dr Ditchek has reported that he has seen documentation of individuals with antibodies and a few week later they were no longer present. This hs been documented based on blood tests. He himself had a significant reduction as is tested on a regular basis as he has to enter the hospital on almost a daily basis.

    Luna Lovegood

    Are camps safe? Probably not.
    Will they open anyway? They probably will.
    Anyone who sends their kids to camp this summer will basically be taking place in a big experiment that could go horribly wrong. Or wonderfully right. I don’t know. But I tend to follow the precautionary principle, which means that MY kids won’t be going.

    Daya zogger

    PIts incredible that people don’t realize that the disappearing anti body argument supports the complete opposite of what they are arguing!



    so what is the end game?

    when the lockdown started the reason was to “flatten the curve” this was a critical goal. I can attest firsthand that several new york area hospitals came close to breaking, and in some ways they have.
    It worked the curve is flat.

    now what?

    If in fact antibodies don;t last more than a few weeks (or don’t confer immunity) then what? A vaccine won;t help (someone should forward Dr. Ditcheks;s report to all those working on a vaccine to get them not to waste their time) We are all doomed. So why continue social distancing?

    What am I missing?



    Vaccines mutate? really
    I believe you meant viruses mutate


    to dayenu: The only safe way to build herd immunity is with a vaccine. Any other method requires members of the “herd” to get sick with the coronavirus. Do you want to volunteer yourself? your kids? Or would you like to volunteer me?

    Daya zogger

    Ubiquitin,what you are missing is that some people get enjoyment from spreading misery regardless of how uneducated or absurd they sound.realy sad



    What you are missing is that his “name” is lowerourtuition not lowerYourtuition 🙂


    Are camps safe? For the kids , yes. For mental health, yes . For vulnerable people
    Living with those kids? Maybe not so much. But if you live in a community (like mine, Flatbush) where many many people already had corona, including most of both extended sides of my family, And most of my neighborhood , you become more or less fearless. Been there, done that. If having corona doesn’t make you immune, just kill everyone now because the vaccine surely can’t do a better job.

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