Are frum couples perhaps divorcing a bit too quickly??

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    Its unfortunate, but when you look around these days its seems like broken homes RL, are not too scarce these days. Somehow, I get the feeling that its more commen today than it was years ago.

    I know that the Torah gives us the right to divorce whereas by Catholics and some other religions it not very accepted. In fact they say its a Mitzvah for aman to give his wife a get if she wants one. But are couples with children perhaps splitting up for reasons which can be worked on?

    A well known female personality in our frum society claims that physical abuse should be the only excuse to break up a family. When someone asked her if a women should seek a get when she suspects

    infidelity? She said no.

    She continued to say that if it bothers a woman, and it leaves a bad taste in her mouth, she should go to the sink and ‘spit it out’.

    Please share your thoughts. Is Kovod more important than giving your children a proper stable home? Furthermore, why is it more common today than it was?

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