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    I’ve seen all over that there’s a huge possibility that goyim aren’t real , there kind of like robots cause the don’t have bechira, does that mean we are allowed to steal from them and annoy them thank you
    – bachur3


    Are you real or are you a Russian bot?

    Reb Eliezer

    You are uninformed, so I will inform you. They have 7 mitzvos to keep having a bechira on these. Many say that currently they don’t worship avoda zara because they follow the customs inherited from their ancestors. The Rambam says that the pious from them gain the next world to come.



    Are you for real? The idea that we are permitted to steal from goyim is a huge aveira, immoral, criminal, and a cause of antisemitism.

    If you are serious, you are a dangerous person. Just talking about it, even in jest, is dangerous. G-d help us if there are more people who think like you.

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    Don’t you mean a Russian troll?


    Bachur, do you suppose that the Righteous Among the Gentiles who saved Jews during the Shoah aren’t real? If so, the Jews they saved aren’t real either.


    What is wrong with you? Everything you said is false and it is forbidden by halacha to steal from anyone.


    Chazal forbade Gezel Akum.


    Non-Jews have commandments, which implies that they have free will.

    The perspective of looking at all other beings as merely agents of Hashem’s will and not
    independent actors, which is sometimes used in avodas Hashem, applies to Jews as well.

    Kovna ruv

    Intresting the malbim sez that kayin didnt believe un bechira but he was wrong. So no, goyim arent robots without bechira.


    But Kayn was Jewish so what does that prove?


    Adam Harishon was a goy, as was every other person in the Torah till Avrohom. And we only know that a human has a neshmah from Adam-vayipach b’nafsho nishmas chayim. So this idea that a goy is a unique type of person is sheer am haaratzus, not to mention stupidity.
    As to gezek akum, the gemora is referring to gezel of refusing to pay a chov, like taxes, not the gezel of the 7 mitzvohs which is about an actual object, which is learned from m’kal eitz ha’gan toachal-v’lo mshel acheirim, meaning don’t don’t take fruit from a tree that does not belong to you.

    Reb Eliezer

    Look at the sefer habris that a Jew has a higher level of neshama. Tosfas Kidushin 39 on machshovo says that by the bnei yisroel a good machshovo is accepted as action but not bad whereas by the umas haolom it is the reverse. They explain that a bnei yisroel wants to do good so wanting to do it and unable to do it is like doing it, whereas by the uMas haalom it is the opposite.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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