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    Trump is bitterly hated by the Hispanic, Black, & Muslim community. Frum Yidden mainly live in the Northeast which contains large populations of these groups. Aren’t we doing ourselves a disservice by openly displaying our adoration of President Trump?
    How do you think these people think about us when we have a nationally reported fundraiser for him in NYC netting 5 million dollars?
    There are rumors of Trump coming this coming spring to Lakewood or Toms River for a fundraiser, how will such an event affect our precarious relationship with the aforementioned groups?
    Maybe we should be supportive of him in a quieter way that doesn’t inflame anyone.


    There’s an israeli day parade every year. We shouldn’t be embarrassed about having hakoras Hatov to the President who’s been very good to us. Should we keep doing the failed strategy of licking our enemy’s boots?

    Ed in Miani

    I live in North Miami Beach. Public display of support for any Republican is dangerous. Bush, Romney, McCain, Trump, you name it. The Dems are a group of ruthless, power-hungry fanatics who will stop at nothing to get the absolute power that they dream of possessing. But, under no circumstances should we cower in fear in the face of the Dem’s intimidation tactics.


    The people on the left who hate Jews, also hate Trump. They will hated Jews when even Boro Park voted Democrat. That is the nature of bigotry. Note how they believe that the typical frum Jew is an uneducated lazy bum, who also controls the banks and major corporations while hanging out in a Beis Medrash while living off welfare and living in a mansion.

    If concern for safety is an issue, support the Republican efforts to make blue state respect Second Amendment rights.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “How do you think these people think about us when we have a nationally reported fundraiser for him in NYC netting 5 million dollars?“

    It should motivate them to support our position if they want our money

    That’s how businesses work, the customer is always right

    The democrats would rather take Arab, African American and Latino money over Jewish money and its their choice

    ☕️coffee addict

    I forgot to add that especially since they think the Jewish money is in the bag due to the government programs


    I didnt know they consider frum jews uneducated lazy bums. i thought it was slumlord benefit stealer.


    “Trump is bitterly hated by the Hispanic, Black, & Muslim community.” I am not sure this statement is accurate.

    “There are rumors of Trump coming this coming spring to Lakewood or Toms River for a fundraiser, how will such an event affect our precarious relationship with the aforementioned groups?” I hear it is next week. in Wildwood. But it has nothing to with our community. It is payback for Congressman Van Drew who has not followed the Democrat playbook on impeachment.


    Maybe not in the front of CTLAWYER.

    The little I know

    My difficulty with the Dems is that they have abandoned honesty in favor of power. The reality is that none of these minority communities has been harmed or limited in any way by Trump or his policies. Quite the contrary. Black unemployment has never been lower. Other minorities also benefited from Trump. The MSM has a false narrative, and these communities still drink that koolaid and the misinformation. Meanwhile, there are growing (in number and size) groups from within these communities who have woken up and smelled the coffee, and are discovering how much progress they have made specifically from Trump policies. Since Trump sings his praises louder than anyone else does, I would support such rallies and support.

    As for the notion that such events can trigger anti-Jewish sentiments, baloney. This hate existed before, and it follows some pattern of increase and decrease that might be better addressed by a sociologist. And it will exist until it yields far more backlash than today’s stupid environment of bail reform.


    If you are light skinned you automatically support Trump and must be hated. If African-Americans and Hispanics hate Trump, then they hate themselves and want to be economically disadvantaged.
    Doesn’t get any simpler.


    We are supposed to keep a low profile in galus & not instigate A.Y., public support of President Trump instigates the minority communities against us. They will one day be the majority & turn this America into a third world socialist country. We need to think ahead.


    chash: both, bigots aren’t required to be consistent or logical


    # the little I know,
    I know someone else in the Whitehouse who abandoned honnesty


    Haimy, it’s not the 1950s. Change your point of view.



    I oppose Trump, but would defend anyone’s right to show their support.


    The Democratic Party doesn’t represent anyone. It simply presents itself as the lesser of two evils to those who disagree with conservative views.

    Avi K

    Even if you support some Democrat you will be hated. The Jews in the Civil Rights Movement were booted out as whiteys. Then came the NYC school dispute where Jewish teachers and administrators were fired from a black school and a violently antisemitic poem was read on a black radio station (interestingly, the reader, Julius Lester, converted to Judaism after discovering that he had a Jewish grandfather and now sang in a shul).


    Avi K,

    Not enough jews know this reality. That’s why they continue to vote Dem blindly.


    You need to look at the big picture. Whether or not you like Trump as a person, it’s good to provide balance to the Democratic Congress, and keep them from pushing the country further to the left. The Democratic strategy is to buy votes by painting all Republicans, business people, and white males as privileged racists. Avi K’s example is an excellent case in point.


    thank you trump for all you do for america,Israel,jews, and the world!!

    #vote trump 2020


    You shouldn’t confuse the Black/Jew and Jew/Democrat telationships. There were 2 competing Black Civil Rights movements going on. The one led by MLK and the one led by Malcolm X. and Stokely Carmichael (the children of this movement are Farakkan and Sharpton). X/Carmichael weren’t so much Antisemitic, they just viewed MLK as an “Uncle Tom” who was selling out the Blacks for a few crumbs. Since Jews supported MLK, it made sense they weren’t in love with Jews. As the Black movement became more militant they didn’t care for having Jews around. They also wanted to accomplish things on their own. Jews did the same thing, you can hear MLK speak about it. As much as we like to think Jews were so supportive of Blacks the fact is when the Blacks moved in the Jews took off. That’s where you see all these poor Black areas today that “Used to be Jewish” They saw the Jews as gaining much more from the Civil Rights movement and living in nice neighborhoods while Blacks were still stuck in the Ghetto, which was primarily owned by Jews who didn’t always do the best job taking care of the properties. From the Jewish side there was the issue of Affirmative Action. It was hard enough for Jews to get into good universities. With spots reserved for Blacks, this made it even harder for Jews to get in. Many Jews resented this and a lot of the money they were giving to the Black movement dried up.
    The Black/Jewish relationship is quite complicated with many twists and turns. It’s easy to say Jews supported MLK and the Blacks so they should like and appreciate us, but if you really understand history, it’s hardly that simple.


    to answer the OP “Are public displays of Frum support of Trump a safe thing?”

    No. The Ribono shel olam hates chanifa. The Gemara Sota (41a) says because of chanifa the Beis Hamikdash is destroyed. Trump’s very being is built on dishonesty, and immorality. These are his defining qualities (something even most of his supporters admit, “true but Rubashkin, or true but embassy…” It is ok to support those actions but to support the man himself?

    Very very dangerous


    I would argue
    Trumps persona is built on
    ”me ”
    What he wants and can get he does.
    Beginning middle and end.
    Happens to be that b ”h the things he currently has a fancy for are to the religious Jewish community benefit.
    What you call immorality is actually just no self control.
    It’s just a symptom of his weltenschaung .

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