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    I have two questions on seguals. One, don’t we hold of the issur of Lo Sinachashu vi’Lo si’oneinu? Two, don’t we hold of Eiyn od Milvado? If Hashem is really the only power in the world, how can we expect segulas to just “work”? Do they have some ability to manipulate divine celestial powers to make things happen?


    Also another random question: Do sheidim exist? If so, what are they?

    YW Band

    I can’t truly answer your question but what I could do is explain what a segualh is REALLY supposed to do.

    For example (then you”ll chap easier), there is a segulah to have kavanah during bracha of “Al Netials Yadayim” to become rich. At face value, you say “oh wow so easy so lets strike it rich!” But then you dont see good results. Why? I did the segulah?

    Well, I heard the real reason how it works & this is much harder:

    If one will have kavanah in that bracha, he should focus on why he his washing. Because he is going to eat bread which is the food of man. Now, who sustains us? Hashem! So we’re thanking Hashem for providing us our food. If we would realize that what we have is enough (Someach b’chelko) then we would fill that Hashem gave us mamish what we need!

    May we all do/think the emes what Chazal already instructed us becuase the segulahs are only once you chapped what Chazal means.

    Have a chag kasher v’sameach!


    Learn YD 179 and stop trolling.


    According to R’ Schachter, the issur of lo sinachashu is attributing significance to something which doesn’t make sense logically, like if a deer goes to the right it must mean that I should do this. By this logic, most segulos would fall into this problem. They usually have good sources, but have been abused. For example- the segulah of shlissel challah (a key in the challah) which is a “segulah” for parnassah. It began because there’s a Gemara that says that one of the “keys” which Hashem and only Hashem has is the key to parnassah (I think this is in the beginning of Tanis). So the minhag began to put a key in challah to remind us that the key to bread/parnassah belongs to Hashem and we have to have bitachon in Him. When the shlissel challah became a “get rich quick” scheme, and now many people think that somehow magically a key in a challah leads to money, this would be the issur of lo senachashu.


    Abaye was Over on Lo Sinachashu!?

    If everything you don’t like or understand is Lo Sinachashu, what’s Lo Se’oneenu? Kosem? Kishuf? Ochez Einayim x2? Ov? Yidoni? Doresh El Hameisim? Darkei Emori? Chukos Hagoyim?

    Wouldn’t you think the ones who wrote these Halachos understood them?

    Avi K

    The segulot for parnassa work for those who sell them.


    Its a bifeirisha passuk. Vihyisem li, liam segula.

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