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    During my prolonged summer vacation in a known bungalow colony I was stunned to see the filth surrounding my bungalow, from ices wrappers, to chips wrappers, to fathers sitting around on friday eating chulent with everything discarded around them, and the mothers were no better. How could we accept the children to be clean when we lead by example.

    And the filth we lived in was horrifying. Much to my dismay, when visiting friends in various other colonies I saw the same level of filth. Who is to blame for all this?? We are Quantatively, how many times did you scold you child not to leave wrapper on the floor and to clean up after themselves? How many times did YOU clean up after yourself?

    This makes me wonder when looking at the neatly manicured houses right next to our colony as to what they thought about us? I was embarassed and though no wonder they hate us!!!!!

    What do you think?

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