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    We know Biden can’t complete a sentence without forgetting simple details let alone be an effective commander in chief. Is Obama the one who’s really driving the bus and encouraging an anti-israel Democrat platform? Any Jew who voted for Obama is indirectly responsible for where we are today.


    Almost every high-level employee of President Joe Biden
    was previously employed by President Barack Hussein Obama.

    President Barack Hussein Obama did not have even one genuinely pro-Israel person working for him.
    President Joe Biden also does not have even one genuinely pro-Israel person working for him.


    This from an article in The New York Post:

    “Lamont was an early example of a candidate backed by the party’s left fringe…
    In the nearly years since, that fringe has become
    the dominant power in national Democratic politics.

    Open anti-Semites like Representatives Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman
    and Rashida Tlaib spray vitriol in public as their Squad-mates cheer them on…

    Nancy Pelosi and Dan Goldman rip apart norms in their pursuit of political power.

    The Democratic Party has become synonymous with racial
    grievance-mongers like Black Lives Matter.

    With the climate fanaticism that demands zero emissions no matter the death toll.

    With gender extremism that wants to see little kids shot up
    with cross-sex hormones, and tweens subjected
    to life-changing surgery to “cure” gender confusion.

    With borders open to endless floods of illegal immigrants.

    A Democratic Party with no room in it for Lieberman
    is an ugly, divisive and corrosive assemblage.

    So you’ll be badly missed, Joe — by everyone who remembers a saner politics.

    SOURCE: RIP Joe Lieberman — the Democratic Party
    went insane without you by NY Post Editorial Board,
    published in The New York Post on 2024 March 28


    Ned Lamont in his eulogy in Stamford shul that when he lost to Sen Lieberman, he liberated Joe to his real self; in essence Ned acknowledged Joe’s integrity and him being out of place in the Democratic party.


    “Biden can’t complete a sentence”
    And Trump’s rants and raves are better?



    Spreading false information as usual.
    Not a single one of the high level officials in the Biden administration was EMPLOYED by President Obama. Those drawing paychecks were employed by the federal government.
    Get your facts straight

    Dr. Pepper


    Search on YouTube for “America is a nation that can be defined in a single word….” and then tell me honestly if you feel safe with that guy having the nuclear codes.

    I don’t take President Trumps rants and raves seriously- but I do find them entertaining. What I do take seriously are his actions which made the world a better place for every single person who wanted peace and was willing to work for a living.

    Is the world a better place under Biden for those that want peace and work hard for a living? If so, please explain how.


    quoting an article from Right wing Murdoch CT Post about internal CT Democratic Politics, what a joke.

    I am probably the best qualified in the CR ti speak to Lieberman/Lamont history.

    I knew Joe Lieberman very well for 55 years. I worked in his first campaign, a primary to unseat State Senator Edward Marcus in 1970, and many campaigns after that. I was a delegate at the National convention that nominated the Gore/Lieberman ticket.
    My friendship and support continued through the middle of his second term in the Senate. He may have been pro-Israel, but he ignored the needs and wishes of his constituents as he gained prominence in Washington.

    Current Governor Lamont was not backed by the party’s left fringe, but by middle of the road Old school Dems who had been abandoned by Lieberman moving to the right and becoming a awk on foreign policy. I was a delegate a the state convention that denied Lieberman the renomination. He was no longer the best man to represent the citizens of CT.

    He had enough name power to win the general election as an independent, Similar to Lowell Weicker’s run for Governor. Lieberman was not sent to the Senate to represent the Jewish people, the interests of Israel, etc. He was sent to represent the 5 million residents of CT.

    I knew both of Lieberman’s wives, all his children, his mother, sister and Hadassah’s parents. I attended his funeral (invited by his son Mathew). Just because his politics moved on the right and I didn’t support him in his third run for Senate, did not end a 55 year friendship.



    Really? That’s false information? Who hired or approved their appointments? The semantics your splitting hairs on are so ludicrous as to be false information in and of itself.

    I understand you abhor Trump. Fine. But to ignore that Obama was bad for the Country (it was him that exacerbated all or nothing attitude in politics today. Only he had the right answers and he knew everything about everything) and as I know you are a Jew, he was bad for Jews and bad for Israel. And the effects are growing even today.

    The level of antisemitism in the US grew exponentially, particularly against visible Jews, from Obama’s reign.

    So you get caught up because you “believe” Square Root used the wrong word, while missing the Donkeys in the house.



    Are you saying that Trump is being led around by the nose by Obama? I hardly think anyone sane could say that. Neither are you denying that Biden is being manipulated by Obama. But you think Obama was good for the nation? Was (is) good for Jews? Was good for Israel?

    Get out of your Trump mishegaas and respond to what the point of the post is.


    stated on February 25, 2023 in an Instagram post: Joe Biden described America as “the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping.”

    Video misleads on the ‘single word’ President Joe Biden used to describe the United States

    In a clip posted on Instagram, President Joe Biden stands at a lectern, flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

    “America’s a nation that can be defined in a single word,” Biden says in the video. “I was in the foot— foot— excuse me, in the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping, traveling with him … traveled 17,000 miles when I was vice president at the time. I don’t know that for a fact.”

    The video then ends.

    Biden, who has a stutter, was clearly stumbling over a few words in the clip. But his speech, which was given in April 2022 after Jackson was confirmed as a justice, didn’t end there. Neither did his anecdote about Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden went on to say what single word he would use to define the United States.

    “And we were sitting alone,” Biden continued. “I had an interpreter and he had an interpreter. And he looked at me. In all seriousness, he said, ‘Can you define America for me?’ And I said what many of you heard me say for a long time. I said, ‘Yes, I can, in one word: possibilities. Possibilities.’ That, in America, everyone should be able to go as far as their hard work and God-given talent will take them. And possibilities. We’re the only ones. That’s why we’re viewed as the ‘ugly Americans.’ We think anything is possible.”

    We rate claims that Biden described America as “the foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping” False.

    Joe Biden used “possibilities” to describe the United States in a single word.

    The Instagram video cut off the rest of Biden’s remarks to give the false impression that he described the U.S. as “the foothills of the Himalayas.”

    This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram.)


    Dr. Pepper (I like Coke, better, but that’s another discussion)
    You may not take Trump’s rants and raves seriously, but half the country does.
    I can say the same about Biden – his slurring of words is highly entertaining for a man in his position
    The truth is that 70% of Americans want neither the old Trump or the old Biden, but for strange reasons candidates like Nikki Haley or Chris Christie are more anathema to us, then the senior, and I mean senior senior, slop we’ve been handed.

    As for peace, after the October pogrom, Shlomo Hamelech had it right: there’s a time for peace and a time for war.


    I never mentioned Trump.
    I corrected square’s misstatement that these people were employed by President Obama when they were in fact government employees.

    Dr. Pepper


    It seems like the first part of your post got cut off. It also seems like you copied and pasted the information from PolitiFact. Can you direct me to a place that has the entire video? I’ve been wondering for years what he was trying to say.

    Dr. Pepper


    You can say that the slurring of an old and senile pervert is entertaining- that’s fine with me. What you neglected to address is that his actions (unlike President Trumps actions) are detrimental to those who want to work and live a peaceful life.

    Can you name a single thing Biden did that benefited hard working Americans?



    You didn’t mention Trump, but it’s clearly a symptom of TDS that would have you state that calling these people employed by Obama as “false information”.

    I am not a lawyer, but I do not believe that legally it was an incorrect usage. Employed also means hired or used by. Which is clearly not “false information” as you initially called it. It is not even a “misstatement” as you tried to to down in your next comment.


    1) $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan
    One of Biden’s first acts as president was to try to get the coronavirus pandemic under control by passing the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

    The White House sent Americans in the low-to-medium income range a $1,400 payment to help fund basic necessities like rent and groceries. Biden also extended a $300 a week federal unemployment benefit for some 9.7 million people out of work at the time, temporarily expanded the child tax credit program, allotted $7.25 billion for small business loans and $128 billion in grants for state educational agencies.

    Biden teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to administer and track COVID-19 vaccinations across the country.

    The bill passed the Senate 50-49 and the House 220 to 211, both along party lines, before being signed into law by the president on March 11.
    While the initiatives were broadly popular with voters, critics warned the rescue plan could actually make the country’s economic outlook worse. THE CRITICS WERE ALL PROVEN WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) $1 trillion infrastructure bill
    Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law in November 2021 that will repair the nation’s roads, bridges and railways, bring high-speed internet to rural communities and more.

    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes: $284 billion for transportation needs, which includes repairing bridges and roadways, public transit and airports, electric vehicles and low emission public transportation; $65 billion for broadband internet; $73 billion for power infrastructure; and $55 billion for clean drinking water.

    The legislation was a major bipartisan achievement, made possible by 32 Republicans — 13 in the House and 19 in the Senate — who crossed the aisle to ensure it passed. Former President Donald Trump had pressed conservatives to vote against the bill, but key GOP leaders Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky supported the legislation.

    3) In wake of the mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, N.Y., — which together claimed the lives of 19 children and 12 adults — Biden signed into law the largest gun-safety bill to pass Congress in nearly 30 years. While historically significant, the bill was rather limited compared to what gun control advocates would have wanted.

    4) The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022
    The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 passed in August, which allocated roughly $53 billion in federal funding to manufacture semiconductor chips in the U.S. instead of relying on China to produce them.

    5) Inflation Reduction Act.

    It took almost a year for Biden’s ambitious package to pass through Congress, with Vice President Harris’ vote breaking the Senate’s 50-50 party line vote. It cleared the House in a 220-207 vote along party lines, without a single Republican voting in favor.

    The bill aims to tackle inflation by reducing the federal deficit, promote production of certain goods and limit the cost of some prescription drugs,

    6) Support for Ukraine’s defense against a Russian invasion

    7) Support for Israel wiping out Hamas in Gaza after the Hamas’s invasion on October 7th

    Now tell me what the Republican congress accomplished in the last year.


    I do not have the video and I do not know where it can be found. But here is the entire transcript. If the link gets cut – you can go to Because is now owned by donald trump but by the people of the US who elect a President every 4 years.

    https://www.whitehouse. gov/briefing-room/speeches-remarks/2022/04/08/remarks-by-president-biden-vice-president-harris-and-judge-ketanji-brown-jackson-on-the-senates-historic-bipartisan-confirmation-of-judge-jackson-to-be-an-associate-justice-of-the-supreme-court/


    CTL, I also have relatives who never voted for Sen Lieberman, but respected him personally nevertheless. Interesting that despite all talk of independence and anti-partisanship he is lauded for, all dignitaries were Democrats. Al Gore sounded like a real friend and addressed their profound disagreements…
    Maybe Bush or Cheney or some Republican senators could have added to the memorial.

    As George bush X-ed: our country and for the dignity and patriotism he brought to public life. As Laura and I pray for Hadassah and the Lieberman family, we also pray that Joe’s example of decency guides our Nation’s leaders now and into the future.


    jackk, you forgot to mention that Mr. Biden did not find any vaccines when he entered the office. Special council found them behind the classified documents under the Chevy Bolt in the garage. Frankly, it is said that someone just copies/pastes campaign materials into this heilicke group, as if we can’t find them ourselves.


    CTL, I think the right word is political appointees. Not everyone is from Obama’s team. Sullivan is Hillary’s man. What does unite most of them, that they are all second fiddles, who rose up through political world behind their masters. None of them are independent thinkers or leaders. Most presidents had such people on their team. I think this is a main reason for group-think mistakes that they make – they all think alike and are predictable in their organizational and political responses. This is especially bad against the enemies who use this predictability to their advantage.


    @SquareRoot that NY Post article connecting Lamont to radical left antisemitic democrats is absurd.
    “This from an article in The New York Post:
    “Lamont was an early example of a candidate backed by the party’s left fringe…
    In the nearly years since, that fringe has become
    the dominant power in national Democratic politics.
    Open anti-Semites like Representatives Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman
    and Rashida Tlaib spray vitriol in public as their Squad-mates cheer them on…”

    – (except for we’re only 3.5 million people) you’re 💯% correct on the Liberman-Lamont race.

    That was 2006. The radical left fringe youth of today wasn’t old enough to vote yet.

    Lamont beat Lieberman in the primary not because Lamont was an extreme leftist but because Liberman Z”L had moved so far right of the democratic party at the time. Liberman supported the Iraq war, became a neo-con hawk which was the main position democrats of that time opposed, and supported the Bush administration in a very anti-Bush administration state. To us in Connecticut at the time he was indistinguishable from a republican.

    Lamont is a moderate democrat and has been a strong friend of the Connecticut Jewish community and Israel.

    He visited a Connecticut Jewish day school on October 10th 2023.

    After the Pittsburg synagogue shooting he attended a vigil at a Connecticut JCC.

    “In 2022, Lamont became the first Connecticut governor in 25 years – and the first U.S. governor in two – to send a diplomatic mission to Israel to support business ties between the country and Connecticut.”

    “Feb 18, 2022
    Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut
    Governor Ned Lamont’s Trip to Israel
    “…I thanked Governor Lamont for holding a press conference with Connecticut’s Jewish Federations announcing his support for our statewide “Shine a Light on Antisemitism” campaign. I also thanked him for issuing an Official Statement in support of that campaign endorsing the IHRA definition of Antisemitism which helps make it clear that certain kinds of criticism attacking Israel can cross the line into Antisemitism.”

    From 3 months ago.
    “NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Protestors briefly took over a Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce breakfast to criticize Gov. Ned Lamont for being the first Connecticut governor in years to go on a trade mission to Israel.
    Lamont said they have the right to protest.
    Nobody’s going to listen to them unless they lead off with the fact that they acknowledge and condemn the brutal and sadistic genocidal attack on October 7th, and what that did to all those young innocents there, as well,” Lamont said.”

    He is not busy waffling on his positions pandering for votes like Biden and Schumer.
    I have seen nothing but strong support for the Jewish community and Israel from him.

    Dr. Pepper


    I’m not sure where you copied and pasted that list from but can you point to a single one that helps out the millions of hard working families (that don’t own a business) that make too much to be eligible for handouts but not enough to be unaffected by the skyrocketing prices of just about everything?

    Inflation Reduction Act? You’ve gotta be kidding me! How much was a gallon of gas when President Trump was in office? How much more is the typical weekly grocery shopping for a family now than when President Trump was in office? And then you mention that not a single Republican voted for it? Why should they have- did prices for anything go back down to the Pre-biden days? How much has the deficit gone down since then?

    Support for Ukraine and Israel??? It would be laughable if there weren’t thousands of innocent people that lost their lives. None of this went on when President Trump was in office. You’re going to give him credit for sending arms to fight a war that he shouldn’t have allowed to start in the first place (and leave out that he’s still allowing huge amounts of money to flow to Iran)?

    What have Republicans done in the last year?

    For starters they showed the world (at least the ones not tuned in the Fake News all day long) that despite the Democrats complaining about hard working people not paying their “fair share”- the president’s son doesn’t have to and they’re not going to do anything about it. They showed the world that Biden sold out the country while he and his family raked in tens of millions of Dollars in multiple accounts without any legitimate business source (and they probably didn’t pay their “fair share” for that either). They showed the world that they can scream gun control all day long but when the president’s crack head son lies on his gun application and the gun ends up in the garbage- they’re not going to do anything about it.

    But why only the last year when they barely had enough power to do anything- go back to the first three years of President Trump’s presidency (before bidens friends released the virus). Record low gas prices, DJIA hitting new milestones on a daily basis, record low unemployment, 401(k) accounts making unimaginable gains…

    Oh- and thanks for telling me that he was trying to say “possibilities”, in a million years I never would have guessed it.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Why does it say Dr Pepper posted but doesn’t show the post?

    Thanks so much for rescuing it from spam!!

    ☕️coffee addict

    😂 😆 😝


    I think WSJ OpEd noted Biden’s use of “possibilities” instead of more traditional “opportunities”. Opportunities means you can achieve something. Possibilities means something can happen to you – you can get a loan forgiven or a get a tax deduction…


    Sorry about stretching out population

    Have been a Lamont supporter/delegate from his initial decision to run statewide.
    A decent man, definitely not radical left.

    Lieberman abandoned his Democratic roots but didn’t have the guts to switch parties.

    edited That didn’t end a friendship.



    No, I will not debate you because it is futile to debate someone in a cult. Get out of it.


    It’s not so much that I’m a stickler for population statistics as still salty about losing the 6th congressional district around that time. 🙁

    Dr. Pepper


    You crack me up 😂!

    You’re the one who asked for evidence in order to believe that someone currently sitting in jail for shoplifting can’t continue shoplifting while in jail and you accuse me of being in a cult.

    Well, I guess that’s one way to end a discussion where you helplessly blocked yourself into a corner.


    Yet Lamont has had a moderate successful tenure as governor. He isn’t governing like a far left guy. Maybe he decided to model himself on Lieberman.


    “How much was a gallon of gas when President Trump was in office? ”

    It was low because we had a pandemic that killed over a million Americans. People weren’t driving, so demand was down, and prices plummeted as a result. How many Americans need to die so you can fill up your gas guzzler cheaply?

    Now there is another option. I was in Mexico in 2022 and gasoline was a full dollar a gallon cheaper in Mexico City than in New York City. Mexico has a state owned oil monopoly and that keeps prices down. Socialism actually works at times. Most major oil producing countries have nationalized their oil industry; the US and Canada are the only exceptions. Do you support that?


    ” What have Republicans done in the last year?”

    Blocked aid to Israel, blocked aid to Ukraine, blocked necessary funding and prevented the needed changes in the law to address the crisis at the Mexican border, tried to ban IVF, and run out anyone from the party who actually wants to govern.


    Lieberman didn’t abandon his Democratic roots. He endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 and Joe Biden for President in 2020. And last summer he said, “The last thing I’d ever want to be part of is bringing Donald Trump back to the Oval Office.”


    @modern – There’s a large space on the political spectrum between the far left and Lieberman, I believe it’s called….the democratic party.

    Connecticut is a “blue state” but it’s not a “far left” state. I don’t see a far left governor getting elected here.


    Obviously not. It is very rude to insult President Obama to such an extent. While he made many mistakes, at least he put much thoughtfulness and intelligence into them.


    akuperma > While he made many mistakes, at least he put much thoughtfulness and intelligence into them.

    Right, Obama and his crew were willing to spend month figuring out how to make Obamacare work or debugging the crushing website. Generally, trying to change society at the core. Biden people simply apply old assumptions to new problems; nimble at the corners trying to see who to give money to like Ahashverosh. At this point, nobody is expecting more from the administration. Obamacare crash was in the news; Biden’s “simplified” FAFSA site apparently not working for 6 months – no news. Mainstream media writes that Administration is trying yet another way to forgive student loans despite previous one declared illegal by the Supreme Court, openly mentioning that despite a long procedure required by law, they are hopeful to finish this before the election. Some pollsters trying to predict election mention that Biden events, such as State of the Union – are not affecting the polls in either way because nobody is listening to him. Sad.


    No, we are in the 407th term of john quincy adams.
    Enough of your conspiracy theories.

    Dr. Pepper


    To claim that the price of gas was low due to the pandemic without mentioning that it had already dropped significantly before the pandemic and only dropped slightly once the pandemic started is simply a lie. Similarly, to not mention that the price of gas shot up significantly after Biden signed the executive order, is a lie as well.

    I try not to waste my time with posters who lie, dodge questions, give vague responses or don’t respond at all (although I do make an exception for one poster since he cracks me up).

    If you want to discuss aid to Israel and Ukraine as well as IVF you can go ahead and fix the post about gas prices and post the details you purposely left out from the other topics.


    Dr Pepper, President now advises Ukraine to stop destroying Russian oil infrastructure that might increase gas prices and further decline Biden’s reelection chances

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