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    Joe Schmo

    I was wondering if are aware of the current situation in politics between Israel and Sweden.

    The Swedish paper Aftonbladet published a report that claims that the Israeli army kills Palestinian boys and then steals their organs. It also takes the arrests in New Jersey into the story forming a link in peoples’ minds between these issues. The article is not based on any facts but just the musings of a reporter. The Swedish government refuses to take any action as it would violate the Swedish laws regarding freedom of speech and press.

    In Israel people are being encouraged to boycott Swedish products including IKEA. Will you do it?

    just me

    I was just there last week and got the greatest chair. I guess I will boycott now.

    Seriously, boycott might be a good idea, but t’shuva is probably a better one–and I don’t just mean that everyone should start yelling about tznius as usual. Eisov is only strong when Yaakov is weak.


    The Swedish government should learn that “blood libels” don’t pay.


    Why boycott Ikea? Did they publish this nonsense?

    Do they advertise in that “newspaper”?

    The people who organize boycotts of Israel wish to

    completely isolate Israel–economically and socially.

    All this does is help them accomplish their goals.

    Boycott that “newspaper”? Sure.

    Blame the entire country for the actions of

    an antisemitic “reporter” and his rag?

    That makes no sense.


    Starwolf – you stole my thunder! I just posted something with the same point on the main site. You are 100% right. Common sense should rule.

    Also, please remember where the Jews of Denmark fled to during WWII. They went to Sweden, which was neutral.

    Let’s all find out the email/address of that paper and deluge them with complaints, write letters to the editors of the major Swedish dailies denouncing irresponsible journalism while saying that of course we know that normal Swedes don’t think such nonsense. Most Swedes themselves are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out what’s going on.

    What does IKEA have to do with it?


    Check the comments on the homepage article about the IKEA boycott. Sounds a bit irrelevant.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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