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    pro geshmake yidden

    I am constantly asked if I’m related to other people with the same surname as mine
    Am I allowed to say I’m related even if I’m not? It mamash is for simchas klal yisroel they get so excited to hear that people are related to each other


    I too am asked the same question. My response is “I’ve been asked this many times but no, I am not”. I see no reason to lie about this.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If you want you can say you’re for sure related somehow but you’re not sure how. Chances are you probably are (although you might be 35th cousins). I’m related to practically everyone who shares my surname.


    Sometimes I call my neighbors posing as Feivish and tell them that they won the Oorah auction, even though I’m not actually Feivish and they didn’t actually win.

    It’s for simchas Klal Tisroel. They get so excited to hear from Feivish.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I get this all the time. I usually answer, “I wish”. Sometimes I’ll explain that we weren’t able to get reliable records but very possibly.
    Regarding lying, not sure why i feel a need to respond to a troll post, but… i wouldn’t even understand entertaining the thought of being dishonest. So, no.


    If they get excited to hear that people are related, tell them, “No, but I’m related to other people!”. Then they’ll still be excited hearing that you’re related to someone.


    Imagine if you had a common name — like Cohen.

    pro geshmake yidden

    What makes you think my name is not cohen?
    Which, by the way, they probably have reason to say they are all related, if they can trace back to aharon hakohen


    Say yes but also add that you never knew about yourrelationship with Uncle Beryl, A’H, until you were notified by the lawyers after the levayah and reading of the will awarding you all of his estate. Pause for about 30 seconds and watch the facial reactions before proceeding.

    Reb Eliezer

    Was the Ari Hakadash related to the Mahrshal? I think they wrote each other that they were not related.


    You have to build and connect your Geni tree then, as you’ll know how you’re related to most Yidden and make the many people asking happy through this.

    Definitely helps if you have nice yichus and can go back far enough. If you’re not related to someone you must be Mechutinim (x 5 sometimes).



    No that was the ari hakadosh. I think they were related


    Why thank you. Your what they like to call- a breathe of fresh breeze

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