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    Feif Un

    I was in a small shopping center yesterday. I walked out of a store and started walking back to my car. Next to me was a man with 3 kids – holding 2 by the hand, and the 3rd (and oldest at about 8 years old) was walking next to them.

    They got to the curb of the street that ran through the lot, and he just began walking across without looking. The 8 year old grabbed him, and said, “Tatty, watch out! There’s a car coming!” The father, in middle of the street, said to him, “Ich geit mit der Ribono Shel Olam. I’ll be fine!” and he kept walking across.

    I think this guy has some serious issues. Is this what you teach your kids? To walk across a street without looking because you think Hashem will protect you? It’s sheer stupidity. I told my brother-in-law about it, and he said, “The guy probably meant that he wants to be close to Hashem very soon, so he jumped in front of a car!” I think he might be right.


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    Bad Hishtadlus and Chinuch.



    Oh i thought this thread was gonna be about John Macenroe “You cannot be serious!”



    Hashem Yeracheim on those children. Clearly their father is a fool, as well as negligent.


    Shticky Guy

    Hashem said ??????? ???? ??????? so he’s not going mit der ribono shel olam at all. In fact if he wants to know what the words mit der ribono shel olam means, he should jump back 3 sidras and see what noach did to deserve the Torah writing about him ??? ?????? ????? ??.


    am yisrael chai

    Sounds like narcissism, a personality disorder, with self-entitlement (all cars should stop for him) and inability to hear constructive comments from others (even his kids).

    Poor kids.


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    I agree with AYC (that’s what I was thinking before I read his post)



    oomis-you are correct, he is a fool. But, he is also correct because Hashem watches over fools.


    yossi z.

    Shomer peso’im Hashem …. Just saying



    Maybe he meant to say “to”.

    Plain crazy.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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