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    we all read the story about the terrorists who want to bomb our shuls

    our schools aren’t safe!

    we need more protection! yes it’s from ahshem but we need histadlus!

    how much can it be to higher security??


    I agree with you totally. My kids school has about 6 or 8 security guards posted in front of as well as inside the entrance of the school. They know all the kids as well as the parents. They can spot in a second someone who is a new face, like a new teacher/substitute,or as demonstrated recently,someone who has evil intentions,and they take care of the situation before the person is IN the building.

    In contrast to my school,I substitute in a couple of girls schools in flat bush and I have to say the lack of security is very obvious. In one school they have glass doors that require you to be buzzed in after the person at the front desk looks at you,but that person is a very sweet older lady who has to be in her high 70s or low 80s! She is no match c”vs for an armed person who can get thru the glass doors in a second. When I go there for work I always think of the difference in security. The second school has one much older man,who I don’t think is armed manning the front desk. Any quick and fast criminal can take him down in no time as he is heavy and obviously walks slowly due to a bad leg. And his English is no good either.

    Oh,I should mention that in my kids school the guards ARE armed. The families all have to pay like 500$ every school year for security,in addition to tuition and registration and book fees. But I don’t think anyone minds the extra expense.


    are the security guards at bais yakov there so that fathers do not come into their graduations


    Never mind the graduation. Are there armed guards to repel an attack by “shorter that 4″ hems”, should they decide to take the school by force?

    Talk about an epic battle!


    I appreciate humor but this should be a serious issue!


    “our schools aren’t safe!”

    How right you are! AND – neither are our shuls!

    Will it take a terrible tragedy before EVERY school and EVERY shul has (AT LEAST) 2 WELL-armed guards by the entrance?!?

    Does it make you feel better that on (some) Jewish holidays there are at (some) shuls ONE policeman armed with a handgun?

    That is a joke! If, chalila, a van with a few of our “cousins” with AK’s showed up, that poor cop would be history in about a second.

    The liberal media make people think that high-capacity gun magazines should be banned because only psychopath murderers have use of them. NOT TRUE! Would you want the guard at your child’s school to have (IF chas v’shalom it was ever needed) just 10 shots at their disposal or 30?!?

    Jews need to get over their fear of firearms and think about current real world potential situations.


    I don’t think armed guards are enough. Every Yeshiva and shul should have armed guards, bomb-sniffing dogs, metal detectors, and airport-style security agents questioning everyone entering the premises. And random pat-downs.



    Will you still find yourself amusing if Chas V’chalila a Jewish school or shul IS attacked (as these last two savages who were arrested were planning to do)?


    AOM: You indicated on armed guard is not enough, since he can be taken down with an AK47. Well two can also be taken down like that, with a couple of terrorists. I don’t know why you find the very real need for full airport-style security at every Yeshiva and Shul amusing. We very much need a Department of Yeshiva Security (DYS).



    I do not at all find the subject of security at Jewish institutions to be amusing.

    It seemed by your original comment that YOU did. If I misunderstood you, then I apologize.

    You wrote “You indicated an armed guard is not enough, since he can be taken down with an AK47. Well two can also be taken down like that, with a couple of terrorists.”

    When I said “two” armed guards, I said AT LEAST two, and I suggest they not being armed with just a low capacity pistol, but a high capacity semi-automatic rifle. Such rifles ARE legal (with a permit) and high capacity magazines should be authorized by the NYPD for this type of security use by potential guards who pass necessary background checks, and qualify after taking a training course.

    I pray that we never need to use this type of protection, but better to have it and never need it, than need it and not have it.


    I know a school in Manhattan that has a guard at teh door watching everyone… Do you really think he knows who is a babysitter for one of the children and who is a terrorist?


    The Best way to protect a shul is by not talking in them.


    most shules and schools cannot afford to have armed guards .

    what are they to do?


    Dont talk in them!!!


    I can’t speak for the others who have cracked wise on this thread, but the reason I’m treating it like a joke is because the idea of an armed guard in a yeshiva is silly and not practial.

    Do you really think a terror squad will be discouraged by a semi-retired, bored out of his box, rent-a-cop?

    Or should we hire crack staff? (ala Blackwater USA) and who will pay for this?

    Or perhaps arm the staff / students, like they do in EY? (yeah, I can just see that taking off here in the USA)

    I work in a very “secure” bldg, in NYC and believe me, anyone with a teaspoon of determination could walk trhu the door and wreak havok.

    So, when you talk about a school / shul that has a porous border, and people coming and going, we cannot secure the place.

    Unless you want to institute an airport like environment (ID, no one admited past a certain point / time) its impossible.

    But it is a real danger, so the most commonly used mechanisim to combat an impossible situation kicks in: humor


    Bpt- I respectfully disagree with you. Our school is very safe,our guards are not rent a cops,they are the real thing. They are also young,not in their 50s. They are all armed and they know who belongs to the school and who doesn’t. There were 2 incidents this year of outsiders trying to get in the building,they were promptly grabbed and thrown on the floor and cuffed. And the police dept came and arrested them to boot. Our school,as well as our shuls are very well taken care of. The guards know who is part of the community and who isn’t. They stand on the corner of the street,not inside,and they see the comings and goings of the whole street. I am actually very surprised that people aren’t taking this subject seriously. It’s something I always think about when I am in other schools that are not my childrens,as I wrote about in my earlier post.



    I think you would be very surprised to find out how many unassuming, quiet members of shuls (and parents of yeshiva kids) are licensed gun owners. Most of these gun owners go with some regularity to a range to maintain and improve their skills. It still always (pleasantly) surprises me, when I go, to see so many yarmulka wearing (many bearded) Yidden at the range with their own very serious firearms.

    I think many, if not most of them would be happy to take turns in a rotation, to do guard duty at a shul and/or yeshiva. Since the police can NOT be everywhere, it would benefit the police (and the Jewish community) to provide additional training (after an additional background check) for these volunteers. This would be similar to the Mishmar Ezrachi in Israel, where ARMED civilians, AFTER formal training, patrol their neighborhoods, to supplement the work of the police and army.

    Will it happen? Probably not. -At least not until, chalila, a tragedy occurs, – and THEN, it probably WOULD happen.


    Do you think these guards will catch the tefillin bomber trying to sneak into a shachris minyan, like that airline caught red-handed some months ago?


    Eshter –

    Armed guards, real tough ones? Patrolling a school? Then you are NOT talking about Brooklyn. (Maybe, Yeshiva of Flatbush or Magen David, but even then, I doubt it)

    Ain Oid –

    Gun owners? That pracitce at a range? This, I believe. But to bring it to shul / school, on a regular basis? In the USA? No, this I don’t believe.

    Think about it: I’m at a wedding in Ateres XYZ, and all of a sudden, 5 AK-47’s are drawn and we are told we are being held hostage.

    What do the 15 licenced pistol carriers do.. engage in a firefight?

    Forget it. We in Bklyn are just to vunerable, because we refuse to comply with timelines and guidelines. And open society means vunerable.


    Bpt- yes,it’s brooklyn I’m talking about,and yes,it’s one of those schools. And yes,the community I speak of is in the ocean pkwy vicinity as well as the east streets.


    OK, I stand corrected. Sort of.

    You are no doubt right. That school (most likely Magen David) does have top notch security. And the private patrol cars.

    But I was talking about Brooklyn as in the public part, not the private community that happens to be situated in those 10 sq blocks.

    There is no way the rest of us can afford that level of security.


    I don’t know about Magen David, but Flatbush’s security guards are retired cops. They are not the military grade security Ain ohd is talking about.


    Bpt-they charge every family like 500$ extra to fund the security. But now that i think about it,thats probably not even enough so i dont know how tey pay for it. Why can’t the other schools do something like that too? I’m telling you,when I go to work in this other school,that’s not too far away,I really get worried. There is no way an 80 year old lady can defend the entrance of this building. And everyone just says ” oh,don’t worry about and so,she knows exactly who should be coming and going at what time”….ok maybe she knows the morahs and the mommies,but if some crazy guy,or 2 would want to try something,I doubt that she can even pick up the phone in time.


    esther, what will stop someone from harming them on the street, as they file in or out of school in the morning and afternoon.


    I live in a quiet place- nothing really happens. But I wish you new yourkers would stop talking about tragedy! Just do what you need to do without dramatics!


    K9 – you are absolutely right. There are no guarantees in life,but we do what we can.

    Happens to be,there was an incident that happened a block away from the school in which a man in an SUV tried to get a couple of kids in his car. They ran away and called police. Now there are more patrols around dismissal time.


    “they charge every family like 500$ extra to fund the security”

    Ok, so picture this scene:

    Letter comes home from school, “due to increase security concerns, please remit $500 to pay for armed guards. Oh, and while you’re at it, please send in the $4000 balance due on your outstanding tuition”

    And what about the staff with whom the yeshiva is 4-6 months behind on payroll? Do they get paid ahead of the guards?

    Like I said, maybe in the private sector sub-set of Bklyn, but area wide?

    Forget it. I mean, many people don’t even have adequate life insurance to protect their family in the event of an unexpected uh oh. You expect them to shell out $500 for something like security?


    yes bpt or the staff that hasnt gotten a raise in 4+ years


    Move to Israel and you will get your gaurds for free.

    And you thought you were safer in America 🙂

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