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    Hello chevre,

    I’m looking to purchase a portable and not-super-expensive Aron Kodesh for a Minyan that moves around a bit. We need it for 1 or 2 Torahs and can be placed on top of a table.

    Also open to buying the right cabinet or other storage furniture, but not sure what would work and what size to get.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



    What’s your budget?


    Is less than $1,000 possible?


    Go to a locksmith store or home depot and show them the size of the safe you need to fit both sifrei Torah and then simply add the curtain from a judaica store for the front of it.

    Red Adair

    The size of the sefer or sifrei Torah is critical to your decision. Without knowing the exact measurements you run the risk of getting something either too small or bigger, heavier and bulkier than you actually need. Is security a factor? Will you need to be able to lock the aron? Is a simple lock and thin-walled cabinet sufficient or do you need something more like a safe? I’d consider asking Misaskim for advice since they have several sifrei Torahs and mini arons they lend out to aveilim. It’s probably not a big deal to build one yourself using plywood, but you need the time and expertise to do so, and a plywood aron may be heavier than a thin-walled metal cabinet.
    Good luck.


    Yungerman: An aron that would fit two sifrei torah would probably be at least 40-48 inches wide and 36 inches high and 12 inches deep. A “safe” or steel case that size would likely be really heavy and expensive If theft-proof and fire-proof not a concern, then an aluminum or even polymer wall cabinet meant for garage storage or even a tall kitchen wall cabinet with the doors removed (to make it lighter) and replaced by some fabric covering that would slide open/closed.


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    You don’t need 40″ wide for 2 sifrei torah. 28″ is usually enough.
    Measure your seforim and you’ll know what size you need.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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