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    In several posts, I have defended Mattisyahu as being a role model, a good singer, ect.

    I was just proven wrong today


    i never listened to his music so i dont really get if it was ok or not. but the whole message was cryptic. can someone explain?


    Care to explaine why?


    You dont know all the details.

    If he left or was pushed out


    The Huffington Post has an article on the latest going on with Mattisyahu. This is the final paragraph from their story.

    “Across various media outlets — social and otherwise — fans and journalists jumped on the facial revelation, declaring Matisyahu’s Hasidic days over. But the musician maintains he’s on a spiritual mission.

    So which is it? And how does hair truly reflect religious devotion? Not surprisingly, it’s up for debate.”


    His blog post is as about as cryptic as his music. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about his religiousness at this point.


    It is quite googlable, if you need to find out. I must say that he has danced around the fringes for quite a while.


    He says he still goes to mikveh and shul.


    I just posted on the main page:

    1) His Twitter account was hacked


    I never accepted his music and never accepted his style or concept. I always felt he was “high” on the fame and not on the spirituality. That was my personal opinion and just stayed away from anything having to do with him. Heard one song at a HASC or OHEL concert and then he sang another and I walked out. I was just extremely turned off by him. Never connected to him or what he considered his message, for me it did not compute.


    The big question is, did he shave his payos as well. If its “only” the beard, its not as bad. It just means he is looking to find a new identity. Not sure where this leaves his wife and kids, but thats a different issue.

    If he took off his payos as well (and the photo seemed to indicate that he did) that means he no longer wants to be identified with us.

    Either way, he’s not someone I can now point to and say, he’s a shining example of yiddishkeit in the workplace. From the way he did it / the statement he made, he just took a huge step away from us.


    Who I really hurt for, is the BT community, who may have looked at him as an example of someone who could turn outwardly frum, yet still function in the secular world.

    Now, that duality is under question. Not to worry though. There are still many thriving examples of this dual role. Just not as famous (or in this case, infamous) as Mr. Miller.



    What are you talking about? Have you any clue?

    Who are you looking to blame this on?

    I suspect you have limited capacity for self responsibility.

    It is always someone else’s fault. Specifically chareidim.

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