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    I certainly understand why the President can’t host a Christmas party on Christmas since it is only one day and people want to celebrate it with their family. But give me a break, there are 8 days of Chanuka and a Presidential party on one of those nights would be quite an invite so why host a party two weeks in advance when no one is in the holiday spirit. And what is with those awful insulting jokes? Would he even try or attempt or even think of making them with a roomful of Muslims? Are we so stupid that we don’t show we are insulted?

    The whole thing is a huge slap in the face to all Jews. Obama you blew it again. Why didn’t you host the White House Christmas party in July?


    You first noticed NOW that Obama has blown it? Where have you been for the last three years?


    Where I think Savage totally misses the point, is this:

    I am just happy the goyim in America are not putting us in ghettos and killing us. I am just happy they let us live normally, and even let us go to their universities, and give us jobs. I am just happy they let us do schechita and bris mila, and learn torah.

    I don’t think we should start agitating about anything. If he makes a hannuka party and invites me, I’m going to attend and smile.

    I also don’t think we want to make support for Israel a partisan political issue. We don’t want Democrats to think they’ve lost us on Israel, because we don’t want it to be a Democrat v Republican issue.

    Maybe Savage is willing to do that, because he only really cares about firing up his listeners. But I care about Jews.


    In 2005, for example, Chanukah started on December 26, yet the party was a whole twenty days earlier, on December 6. It’s interesting how you always bash Obama (as here, and as with Pollard) when he has been doing the same things as his predecessor. Now, it’s true that I would expect Obama to be much better than Bush, but unfortunately he is not really outperforming Bush.

    ☕️coffee addict

    A23 is right but you could attribute that to bush not being too bright

    however seriously the reason is because the white house has to prepare for their holiday so when it coincides we get pushed up earlier


    Actually, it seems pretty simple to me. Chanukah coincides with Xmas week this year, so they probably couldn’t work it into the schedule. Honestly, there are many more important things that Obama getting wrong, to make an issue out of this is just silly.


    If you want to explain away how christmas is so much more important than Chanuka go ahead, but I am sure there was at least one room that could have been used without being in the way of the decorators. At any rate please then explains his comments about the whiskers.


    i can understand popas post. and that in golus it always goes that we yidden try to be good with the malchus…but the jokes(i had to google them now i didnt hear about them)are tasteless and probably he wouldnt dare the same with muslims… thats the president we got and besides voting for another guy hoping obama will loose we cant do much


    Savage, as always, said it best!

    Avram in MD


    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Also, regarding the early Chanukah party, many offices host their “holiday” (read: Xmas) parties at least a week before the holiday, because many employees take leave during the week leading up to, or after the holiday.

    Assuming there isn’t a Federal shutdown next week, I think President Obama is planning a vacation in Hawaii.


    popa: +1


    For you Michael Savage fans, Do you also agree with his Sharia Statement?


    Hi PBA,

    I feel your point is a good one, but if it results in Jews relating to gentiles like an “Amos and Andy” routine, that has been historically proven to be dangerous.

    Again, while you make a valid point we have to be aware of, I think you are adding too much of it to the recipe.

    I dont think any Jew really carries himself with an “I am just happy Mr. Gentile is not putting me in a ghetto…..etc..etc”. So that when he says, “Jump!”, I say, “How high?” I dont think so. We can have a little more emunah and bitochon.

    That is not how our Avos carried themselves either, and they certainly dealt with the valid concerns you point out.

    It would be, in my opinion, fine for Jewish leaders to suggest how Chanukah should be honored by the White House, especially when seen in the light of the very valid points made by Savage.

    Savage believes Jews in America are paying customers, too. We are huge contributors in all fields, as well as the professions of law, medicine, science, education, etc., and should be mindful of what you suggest, but, in my opinion, should be able to speak with just a little more assertiveness than suggested.

    G-d bless Michoel Savage for saying what he did.


    I think both Popa and BTGuy are correct, but depending on the time.

    There is certainly much to be thankful for, B”H, at this point in this galus. That includes the things Popa mentioned.

    However, there were gedolim of yesteryear who went so far as to demonstrate and rally in Washington (for Pikuach Nefesh purposes, true, but there is such a precedent) and did not instead bow down and ignore the danger.

    So I think a balance must be struck between the two, and sometimes one attitude may be called for while, at others, the opposing attitude may be the correct one.


    G-d bless Michoel Savage for saying what he did.

    If your calling him by his Hebrew first name (Michoel), then you should call him by his Jewish last name, which i believe is Weiner.


    I don’t appreciate “jew” jokes from the president any more than he would appreciate “black” jokes coming from me! Since I would be expected to show enough courtesy to the President NOT to make “black” jokes in front of him as it would be in bad taste, the President should have and show the same courtesy.


    The Channukah in the white house has been for almost 10 years on the first or second Sunday of December regardless of when Channukah has fallen out this all nonsense this has nothing to do with President Obama this is when the White House their Channukah party.

    I bet people will make a big deal then the white house their mock passover seder usually a a week after Pesach and ask why it was not on Pesach itself.

    You guys are arguing about nonsense.

    Now his jokes may have been an issue but that is a completely different problem.


    Hi HaKatan.

    That makes sense.

    Hi cb1.

    I know Michoel (I dont know his real Hebrew name) by his stage name, which ends in Savage. I am not sure I would address him as Mike Weiner had I met him at a delicatessen or a book signing. Although I am a fairly avid listener, I dont know the story on the name change.

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