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    Is it ok to ask Hashem to send you signs… like as answer to a question?


    No. It’s usually an Issur D’oraisa of Nichush.


    Yea, why wouldn;t it be? People do it all the time… But I’m not a rabbi


    Hashem does not have to “perform tricks”. If a person needs a sign in order to have emuna that’s a dangerous thing because if he doesn’t see the sign does that mean he’s going to stop believing Hashem exists? Just because people do something all the time doesn’t make it OK.

    Perhaps you should explain a little more about how someone would ask for a sign to an answer to a question


    I’ve heard a few stories where a people with no Jewish education were at their wits end about something and asked Hashem to prove himself or else… and Hashem sent a yeshua. Don’t know if its supposed to be done though.


    This is not much of a “sign” but it is somewhat conncected to the topic, so I’ll mention it: If someone says this Sela I’m giving to Tzdakah so that my son lives or so that I get Olam Haba, he’s a Tzaddik Gammur (Pesachim 8a). Tosfos explains that as long as he won’t regret it if it doesn’t come to pass, this statement applies.

    So sometimes you can “test” Hashem, but at the same time it might not come to pass.

    The original question seems to be talking about something else though.


    It’s the Issur of Lo Tinassun. But, like all other issues it has its gray areas, too.


    so haleivi your saying it is fine to ask Hashem for a sign?


    I’m sorry, I must ask you for a sign of where you saw that.

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    Sounds like you are asking for the answer to a specific question. There is a concept of goral haGra and other types of things like that but you probably have to be on the right level for those to work. Ask your LOR before trying something like that.

    If you feel that you need a sign to help your emuna, here is a story about that. Correct me if I’m wrong, I might have some of the details wrong. I think it was about R’ Yisrael Salanter.

    The Rav went to an inn that he had been to a few times and saw that the innkeeper was no longer frum. He asked him what happened. The innkeeper told him a story about someone who had tested Hashem by purposefully doing an aveira and asking Hashem to smite him down for it. The man was not immediately struck down and this affected the innkeeper’s emuna.

    Later on, the innkeeper’s daughter came home and showed them a certificate she had won for being a great singer. R’ Yisrael asked her if she could demonstrate her great ability. She was shy and refused, when he pushed her to prove her ability she said “why must I prove it to you, I have this certificate and that should be proof enough”.

    The Rav turned to the father and explained — Hashem doesn’t need to prove to us His power, the Torah is His certificate. The Torah tells the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim which shows all of Hashem’s powers. We tell it over at the seder every year to remind ourselves of its truth. We don’t need our own miracles until such time as Hashem decides to show himself again at the time of the final geula.

    That being said, if you pay close attention you will realize that everything that happens in life is its own small miracle. We make 100 brachos every day, thanking and praising Hashem for the daily miracles he performs for us.


    emunagirl; to send you signs… YES

    like as answer to a question? NO

    How do you really know it is his answer to your question,

    or that he answered you? maybe your interpretation

    or imagination is wrong.

    EG; Questions in halacha you should ask daas torah,

    in Mili D’alma a life experienced trustworthy older family member confidant or friend.

    usually I wouldn’t suggest asking young friends questions

    pertaining to shidduchim or marriage as they are inexperienced

    and may lead you astray due to jealousy or maturity.

    Sam2; It depends. It isn’t necessarily an Issur of Nichush.

    Nichush is if i see this(something specific)it is a sign that i should do this, or that this (something will happen.

    What their asking (I believe) is the other way around.

    Davening for a sign or siman lad is a not a problem.

    Especially when NOT asking for any specific sign.

    Just anything to help you feel its the right path.

    Give me a siman if i’m doing the right thing.

    It’s like asking for divine encouragement.

    Though there is a fine line in this area and If one does not understand this difference then they very well may be Oiver

    On Loy Tenachshu.

    HaLeiVi; Where on earth did you get this from?

    Specifically that one cannot daven to HB”H to open there eyes.

    the answer not B&W as the question is not B&W either.


    When something is not black and white it is gray, correct?


    This thread reminds me of the joke from The Simpsons. Having completed his prayer for something or other he says:

    OK, deal. In gratitude, I present you this offering of cookies and milk. If you want me to eat them for you, give me no sign. Thy will be done. 🙂

    The Wolf


    If it was OK for Eliezer to ask for a sign, why would it not be ok for us? The Torah is not showing what he did as a BAD thing. On the contrary…


    i remember learning clearly it is wrong and eliezer was before maatan torah and on a different level than we are. but for us it is wrong


    The Gemara uses Eliezer and Yonason as an example of what a Nichush is. Tosafos asks the obvious question, so how could they do it?

    Tosafos answers that in both of those cases it had logic to it as well. The Maharal answers that it was for a Mitzva and was therefore Muttar.


    Haleivi – interesting. Thanks for the information.

    “Later on, the innkeeper’s daughter came home and showed them a certificate she had won for being a great singer. R’ Yisrael asked her if she could demonstrate her great ability.”

    Uh oh, I feel another kol isha thread coming on…

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