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    i feel everytimes theres an article related to teenagers or especially at risk teenager, people tend to post a lot everything from why dont these parents control these kids or where are the experts who are supposed to help these kids. Talking can have both negative and positive aspects but I feel if all we do on such a dangerous and sad issue its not going to accomplish anything. I feel with so many readers on theyeshivaworld we can think of something.

    Personally I am 18, I grew up in a completley frum home, went to the best schools right out or just within of the bais yaakov range, but through a lot of hard events in my life I went off the Derecg when I was in Israel for the year, I reached out to people but no one helped, Im still falling and struggling but I am not on here to tell my story (unless anyones interested) but to brainstrom and bring into action things that will help and prevents teenagers from going through what I and thousands of other former Frum Jews went through

    thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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