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    Im goin 2ateres iyh nxt yr…Im sooooo excited but i rlly wanna hear whose comin there….so curious wat type will it be…so if ur planin on goin to ateres i wannnnnnna hear from u!!!!


    mazel tov on getting in a lot of gr8 girls in my class got in


    I was accepted to Ateres and also another seminary. The problem is that I know more about the other seminary and not so much Ateres, but I still don’t want to say no to either one yet.

    What do you know about Ateres? Maybe you can help me decide! 🙂


    SWATthatfly-I basically applied there as a second choice so i x check it out so well but i did spk to girls who went;) I got very into it abt a month ago (before acceptence letters came…like in january) & i heard amazing things about it which made me rlly wanna go even before i got accepted!!! There actually is a older thread im not sure which one (i cld check in a few) that has a ton of info on Ateres…

    …i heard wonderful things abt ateres! So its more out of towny and wat impressed me a lot was that the girls are all different types from all different schools but at the same time everyone is so friendly an nice to eachother and get along so well with eachother despite their differences!!!! I also heard that the teachers and the whole hanhala is extremely warm and approachable theyd do anything for u!!! They’re rlly sweet!!!! There is also 3 learning tracks so that solves the issue of diff learning levels and abilities!!!! There is so much more to say…. Im gona double check what the thread is called…

    …it wld totally be insanely cool if we end up in sem tog nxt yr;)

    Btw where else did u apply?


    The thread is “seminary options?” –

    Hope u get a picture of what ateres is all about!!!

    G’luck on ur decisions!!!!


    I also got into Machon Raaya. I really want info about the dorms and that kind of stuff. My real issue is deciding if it’s worth it to have a nicer dorm and just work harder academically at Machon Raaya, or “relax” work-wise at Ateres. For some reason I’m not really worried about the type of teachers and other girls, my fear is the dorm.

    Yeah, it would be awesome if we met at Ateres!!


    Im not so sure about the dorms…the sem is pretty old!!!

    The question is rlly if u wanna work hard and if u want that extra challenge!! Adunno about u but im more than done with school and all the work but at the same time i do want to learn hashkafa and things that will help me for life!!! I do wana grow and become a better person, Im very motivated in that area but i dont want to have a repeat of another year of HS…jst my opinion;)

    I also x know much about Machon Raaya except for the fact that its more textual and really hard!!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I don’t thin you can “relax” workwise at Ateres

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    not sure what dorms you are talking about, Ateres just redid theirs last year.


    Yeh if u are even thinkin of machon raaya and u got in!!! u’d prob end up in the highest track in Ateres which could be challenging but i dont know if u cld compare it if it would be equally challenging to the work at MR. But a/w no seminary is easy every sem has a lot of work in it!!! Its a year of growth which only comes with hard work;)

    Hang on r the dorms american???


    I have information about Machon Raaya, just not really Ateres. I work hard for my grades, but I’m scared I’ll only focus on academics if I go to Machon Raaya. I know Ateres isn’t for relaxing, I just meant juxtaposed to Machon Raaya.

    I didn’t mean to make it sound like I’m afraid of specifically Ateres’s dorm, just dorms in general. 🙂


    So what did u decide?


    I decided on Ateres and hopefully the dorms will work out ok.

    E”H I’ll meet you next year!


    Swat that fly- you took the words out of my mouth with that first post!!!


    need seminary help- Have you decided on a seminary?


    Yeah im going to kesre chaya in the end i hope i will be really happy there. i think it is a better choice for me than ateres. where are you going SWATthat fly? (if you are going to seminary) you might have said already but i cbb reading the whole blog……………….


    I’m going to Ateres E”H. I know a couple people from my school who are going to Keser Chaya. Don’t doubt your decision once you’ve made it cuz you can have a great year wherever you go as long as you try and make it great!


    thanx SWATthat fly. i really was considering both however my sister is a pninim girl and she reccomended keser chaya for me. she also said that rabbi meisels is a great person and she has grown very close to him. my parents have met him aswell and really like him. however i did not base my decision only on that. i am sure i will have a great time and i hope you do too.


    swatthatfly- that is awesomelly cool!!!! Wat made you decide to go to ateres??? Im rlly excited for next yr!!!!! Hey u never know we might become good friends;)


    Hey Growingteen123,

    I know two people who just went to Ateres and really liked it. Plus, I didn’t think I could handle all the work of Machon Raaya and enjoy the year too. (I get a little too involved in the work aspect and forget about fun time.)So I decided Ateres would be better. Yeah I can’t wait to meet everyone in Ateres, though I don’t think I’m gona want to admit that I’m SWATthatfly on YWN Coffee Room. But I still hope we become friends!


    O sure i dont either wana say who i am…its funny cuz if we’d become friends and it cums up…. We’d just have a good laugh;)

    Btw did u put ur name on the list by the seminary spreadsheet thingy???


    What is the seminary spreadsheet? I think I remember reading about a spreadsheet with the names of girls going to the various seminaries that you can only get through email. Is that what you are referring to? How do you add your name and/or get hold of it? My daughter is IY”H going to seminary next year in Eretz Yisroel, and she is very nervous because she doesn’t know anyone else going to the same seminary. If she could see this spreadsheet, maybe she would recognize one of the names from camp or somewhere else.


    Like you said im pretty sure you can only access it through e-mail. Im sure some girls in her class know about it and they can send it to you!


    I heard about a seminary spreadsheet from friends, but I don’t really know about it, so no I didn’t.

    Is anyone doing a Jewish college, like Touro, the year after seminary? (And getting credits for seminary year?)

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