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    I’ve been assembling my sukkah (i.e. frame and walls) a few feet away from my back porch, then moving it into its final position abutting the porch before putting on the s’chach, based on the dictum of “do not [use] that which was already made [taaseh v’lo min he’asui].” Is that proper, or would it be ok to move the sukkah after attaching the s’chach?


    DovidBT: Brace yourself for the “AYLOR and don’t post to the CR” type answers. (Calling: apushatayid.)

    Or do they only make those Ask Your Local Orthodox Rabbi demands when they’re uncomfortable with the question/discussion. (In which case this thread will be okay for them.)


    Why is this worse or better then building a suckah on a camel or a boat etc.


    If you are constructing your sukkah and then putting it into its final position, you are not using what is already made, you are merely finishing the construction project. The placement of the sukkah with the schach on it is still in the construction phase, no different from assembling walls and then lifting upright into position before nailing them to the floor.
    If you truly couldn’t use what is already made, you would not be able to buy finished dimensional lumber such as 2x4s or sheets of plywood to build the sukkah, you’d have to cut down trees and hew your own boards

    Reb Eliezer

    If it would have been under a tree and you move it, you would have a problem but it was kosher before I don’t see a problem. Anyway, ask your LOR.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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