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    Is there going to be a purim video put out by lev aryeh this year? Last years purim vid was great… cant wait to see this years…!


    Not going to promise, but iy”h we should be wrapping up shooting tomorrow. Hopefully we should have something out for Purim. Thanks for the support!


    The yeshivah made one this year, but LAB wasn’t involved.

    He did participate in “A.D.Y. (Ad D’lo Yada) [Feat. Dr. Dreizich],” though. (I have not yet watched either of them.)


    And now I have.

    The Lev Aryeh production is a music video for a non-comedic song.

    Some may find “A.D.Y.” (which involves A.K.A Pella) off-putting.

    (I don’t plan on sharing it with my younger siblings.)


    LAB has recently done a video for Minyan Shelanu (an organization

    for at-risk youth in Lakewood) called “Xtreme Loifer,” to promote

    a fundraising event. (If you know of a better place for this post,

    feel free to re-post this information there.)


    Randomex post inspired me to check out ADY.

    Very disturbing. But excellently produced.


    LAB has recently done a video for Lose4Autism, called “Skinny Pinny.”


    Very offensive.


    Very offensive.

    The video was targeting people who would join the competition, not everyone. I doubt those people found it offensive. (That’s my opinion, maybe they do, don’t know. I’m not in that position b”h.)


    Is a KKK video not offensive if it’s directed at people in the KKK? And is the video targeted at the grandchildren of Eisav like it says?


    Are you sure that was him? The Lose4Autism one definitely, but the guy in the Skinny Pinny one doesn’t look like him, and it’s not credited to him (but to someone named Binyamin Miller, who could theoretically be him- dunno his name- but given the evidence probably isn’t).


    Yes, it’s him.


    Weird- looked it up and I guess you’re right. Totally doesn’t look or sound like him in that video, though… I guess when he drops the yeshivish persona and havara he transforms 🙂

    FTR, I thought that the Skinny Pinny one was funnier and the Xtreme Loifer one was less offensive 🙂 … (not-thin person here- I think it was offensive, but while I don’t usually find offensive things funny, this one was hilarious, I guess because I can identify not enough that I’m insulted and enough that I’m “allowed” to laugh at it 🙂 )

    YW Moderator-42

    Skinny Pinny was awesome (and makes me hungry)


    I can identify enough that I’m insulted, but not enough that I’m allowed to laugh at it.


    The video mentions something about the people having a zeidy Eisav.


    More stuff for the fans:

    “Oorah Prank Prize Rap” and “What Not to Say to an Off the Derech Kid” (which seems to be outtakes from a scene of the suppressed

    “How to Go Off the Derech.”)

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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