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    The 1998 Lancet study showing a connention between autism and vaccines has many problems with it including a small sample size and lack of experimental design. In addition, the Lancet editors retracted the study in early 2010. So, while vaccines may be made of harmful ingredients, there has been no causal link to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

    McGuiness, T. (2010). Update on autism and vaccines. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 48(6), 15-18.


    @Tanta My post from yesterday ended with what I thought and what I read about the relationship between an Expectanant Mother her Vitamin D level and Autisim Prevention. I still think a team of a Wholistic Physcian and a Certified Nurse Midwife monitoring the Pregnancy is a good idea. It is important that her Primary Care Physcian check her Vitamin D level and make sure it is not too low. If Vitamin D can help keep the immune system of the Expectant Mother healthy then maybe she has a choice either to be Vaccinated or take Vitamin D supplementation. I am not a Physcian, and this would be monitored by the Primary Care Pyscian the Nurse Midwife. Doesn’t Autism prevention begin with making sure the Expectant Mother and baby are staying healthy?


    Tanta is right.

    This is junk science. Next think you’ll believe in global warming.


    Tanta is so, so right.

    please do not spread these harmful false myths about vaccines,

    they only cause damage to people (mostly children).

    If you don’t believe that vaccines have relieved an immense amount of suffering, just take a look at what your great-grandparents died of, and how many of their children didn’t live past infancy.

    If you did your homework, you would see that vaccines are a gift from above, and we would insult Hashem by refusing to take advantage of his mercy.


    thank you ronrsr for your comments. i was very hurt by someone ( no need to mention whom) for saying that i should stop complaining about my kids and save their lives. thats not what this forum is for and also whom do you think you are, how do you know what i did? but now i see that yeshiva world moderator edited it. we are not discussing if and why vaccines are harmful we are talking about now that my child is autistic what do i do and if anyone has kids in the shidduchim field how do you go about that with special needs kids?


    oh yes, hashem put polio into the world and it’s a mitzva to get it. I see.



    Please note that I told you exactly where I got my research from, chapter and verse. Feel free to look up the journal article, from a peer-reviewed journal and read the whole thing yourself.

    Nor did I say anything about vaccines, except that they have not been proven to cause autism. Does it say in the insert that they cause autism?


    My post didn’t go through, and can understand why as I overtly mentioned another site. But I did want to chime in and say that the “out of Sync Child” helped us tremendously years ago with one of my children… and from there we’ve been as GF/CF free as is possible… more the CF…

    It’s great to be able to get the support from each other – whether it be borderline autistic spectrum disorders… or alternative approaches – rather, PROACTIVE approaches to health: mental, phsyical, emotional and spiritual health – here in the coffee room, or elsewhere…

    And SEAN – you INSPIRE me so…!


    thank you tante for your info and i do hope that people will stop blaming the vaccines for all the problems in this world. the end result is that this is our children are suffering and we have to do everything in our power to help and i dont mean physically but with their issues on dealing with different things. for example how do you tell your child that the thing she wants for chanuka is very expensive and you dont have the money to buy that thing, i mean her school is 50,000


    what never ceases to amaze me that people who work with autistic children or adults think they are sooo smart and knowlegable in the field and give you advice or say their well meaning words but have no idea what they are talking about, i say until you have a child with autism you have not got the foggiest idea what gehenom we go through. and when these people act so cruel or unfair how do you explain to your child what they did was disgusting?? wow i knew life was unfair but really how much of the unfairness does my daughter need to experience?


    “The 1998 Lancet study showing a connention between autism and vaccines has many problems with it including a small sample size and lack of experimental design.”

    All true. Furthermore the principal investigator was funded by trial lawyers, was found guilty of scientific misconduct, and has lost his medical license as a result. I consider him to have feathers and webbed feet.

    “Nor did I say anything about vaccines, except that they have not been proven to cause autism.”

    Vaccines have been proven NOT to cause autism.

    “Next think you’ll believe in global warming. “

    The earth has gotten warmer over the past 130 years. It isn’t a matter of belief, it is a fact. There is still room for debate as to the causes, or what to do about it.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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