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    Anyone else heard this song. Its hysterical!


    In case you hadnt heard it, the joke in the song is that the “averiahs” arent really averiahs, they are chumras like skipping Rabbenu Tams teffillin one day

    Shopping613 🌠

    Where can i hear it?????


    It’s on YouTube. It’s hilarious!


    I find it offensive, but perhaps I’m too serious…


    zdad: I think the joke is actually that some are actually aveiros, but some aren’t, like the ones about eating herring without kichel or not liking Be’er Mayin/Mayim Chayim/whatever (and if that’s an aveirah…). So you shove them all together and it’s like the whole thing where chumros kind of turn into halacha.

    I found the song very annoying. I really didn’t like it, but then it got stuck in my head. And then, to my utter chagrin, I actually got USED to it.

    I mean, come on.

    Same goes for the Payphone song, only worse.

    I loved the Things Not To Say On A Shidduch Date, though.


    My understanding it was written by a Yeshiva guy on Purim


    Yes, some of the aveiras in the song are actual halacha and some are chumras. I think the humor comes from the way it is phrased– for instance, the line “I always get married during sefira” is my favorite. It’s funny because how many times does a person get married??


    jewishfeminist02: yeah, I loved that line 🙂


    Note even the real aveirahs are “done” in an absurd manner. “I eat Gid Hanashe in every bite” Where would you get gid hanashe from, and imagine the guy who makes sure every bite contains some. It is absurd and thus funny.

    I dont think there was any real plausible aveirah in the song


    Yes, some were real Aveiros, as in Gid Hanosheh, and some were not. The point is that the transgresser is still oprating in the Yiddish framework, and it didn’t help him become the Goy he was aspiring to become.


    Hey, now that we are explaining all the jokes, the Amuka part was funny because… And therefore it’s funny. If it’s I laugh. Therefore, I laugh. Ha.


    Funny cuz i think it can be just as funny with mitzvos. (Like put in chumros and real mitzvos just like here)

    For a school thing we wrote a mitzva song as a parody

    “A song without an introduction

    Is like (our school) without production”

    “My menaheles just looked at me and nodded

    I think she wants me to get started

    Testing testing

    Ein svien drien

    I do mitzvos dont even wonder

    I say tehillim for my grandmother

    My tznisdik skirt is a hielege sieght

    I say shir hashirim every night”

    “Hes in yehiva he has no plan

    But thats just how i like my man!”

    Im missing lyrics so doesnt completely make sense…but read it in the same yiddish accent and then it sorta rhymes 🙂


    I dont think there was any real plausible aveirah in the song

    Loshon Horah? Yeah, I know…



    Ok granted

    Halevai, not explaining all the jokes, just the ones that went over peoples heads

    be good

    ultimateskier- LOVE it!!


    Full lyrics:

    A song without an introduction

    is like (our school) without production

    Dum dum dum

    My menheles just looked at me and nodded

    i think she wants me to get started

    Testing testing ein svien dri

    I eat cholev yisroel every bite

    My tznisdik skirt is quite a hielege sight

    You think i stack my dishes

    Dont even wonder

    I say tehillim for my grandmother

    I walk behind my bashert

    I say shir hashirim to get married

    I never sing zmiros at the shabbos seuda

    Besides kol isha its a boosha!

    I have a date in the hotel lobby

    Ill so my best to not act snobby

    Every day i get inspired

    Running to shiurim i never get tired

    I spoke to my yeshivishe friend named shprinzta

    She helped me write this little stanza

    We sing it out in a tziniusdik way

    Now listen to what we have to say

    Hes in yeshiva he has no plan

    But thats just how i like my man!


    Apparently, you missed the reference to the Gemara Megilla at the end.


    Who me?


    How is it a boosha for a woman to sing zemiros?


    Not women in general but a grade joke that we sound bad sorry


    Five Towns Jewish Times had it one the front cover this week. Yay!

    Google Aveirah Song – Halachic Analysis.


    The point is the pointlessness of the deeds portrayed.


    The final decision I believe was that it’s mutar


    I liked the song but there were some aveiros in the song like lashon hara, avoda zara…

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