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    Did anyone participate in the mass Avenu Malkenu at the Theater a Jones Beach on the evening on 7/4/2012? Thousands of yidden raising their voices to HaShem together! The impassioned shuckling! It was amazing! Truly beautiful!


    How about st. paul’s cathedral next time?


    The theater at jones beach is not on the bathing beach as is no different than tha Asifa at Citi Field.



    A theater might be worse than a baseball stadium. Maybe I could hear a Ta’ana that modern-day sports are not Moshav Leitzim or any of the other Issurim mentioned in the Gemara. I always found making these Siyums and the Asifa in stadiums strange. R’ Moshe and the Tzitz Eliezer both have T’shuvos absolutely blasting making Minyanim in movie theaters. I assume that the Gedolim now think that a sports arena isn’t as bad and therefore the ability to host so many people outweighs any Halachic issues that may or may not be relevant. A theater, though, still feels much more problematic.

    (I have no idea who was behind this. I probably don’t want to know. I am sure that they have a very qualified Rav who endorsed this and while if it was up to me I probably would not have, I am sure that whoever decided to do this is far more qualified than I to determine if it’s okay in this circumstance.)

    far east

    phrum- im assuming most people did’nt get the Phish reference


    You get an extra treat on Shaabos, far eas, but Baruch HaShem it is exactly what it is on the face of it – got (ten) thousands of Yidden to sing to their Father Sh’Bashamayim you hadn’t done it in year’s.

    Surprising no one else here was there, considering thelarge and diverse number of prominent charedi rabbinice families and druchim represented (Hassidish, Yeshivish, Litvish, Chardal, YU, YI, MO).

    What was your experience? Most of the Charediim there I was with and spoke to/ leaned with subsequently had a gevaltic one. 5772 iris an amazing year, Baruch HaShemand may Moshiach join us for our next Avenu Malkenu in it to bring ’round the true age of miracle, age of sound, the golden age of Geula!


    it was beautiful, were you at the sheva brachos that took place in the lot before the show? bizarre scene over there to say the least

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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