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    “Did you take a poll of ALL the posters?”

    OK Polls open:

    On the diabetes related threads – do the comments made by Health, the student of health sciences BUT clearly not a Doctor, generally upset you more than they help?

    This poll is open to all diabetics and non-diabetics (Posters and Mods) and not just the “girls” as health arrogantly and disparagingly refers to the esteemed posters and many of the diabetics that post here.

    for the record as a retired moderator I do not have edit rights.


    My vote – He’s great!


    I’ll just say that Health has gotten a bit better over the past couple of months and I have to give him credit for that.


    I decided I dont think its fair or nice to do this to anyone! i am sorry that I responded to the question albeit my answer was not negative

    Ctrl Alt Del

    OK, I think the mods have to implement some new rules here. Many people like to portray themselves as physicians and give out medical advice. Health, Mod-80, maybe some others, yet none of them ever posts credentials. And thats fine, the internet affords us the ability to be completely anonymous. But, in as much as we couldn’t, and shouldn’t rely on blog rabbonim, we shouldnt rely on blog physicians. So much so, that I think that the mods should contact those people who portray themselves as medical professionals and have them provide credentials. In the absence of such, all medical posts should be taken as personal opinion. If one of our “physicians” declines to provide credentials, their posts should be tagged as a non-pro medical opinion. Lots of people can cut and paste like ‘health’ does. That doesnt detract from his opinion but it should not be construed as having come from a physician. There is a reason real MD’s hate “Dr. Internet”. Its because the basic knowledge without a huge backing of experience means nothing. For instance, A1C translates to an average. Think about exams from school. You get a 100 first, then your average is 100. The next is a 50, now your average is a 75. To move your average up again will take an extraordinary amount of 100’s. And not everyone will be able to do it. So, any downward movement of an A1C (ie: a better grade average)is an extraordinary accomplishment. It takes hard work and diligence.

    This very understanding/chochma is why you cant cut and paste articles from webMD and the like. And why you cant run your life and take its advice literally. Because it doesnt give you the background and understanding that is exhibited by your personal physician. Labs are just numbers, if every off number were treated we would all be hospitalized.

    Bottom line: Mods, please take issue with anyone who claims to be a medical doctor and is not willing to provide credentials. Their posts giving medical advice should have a disclaimer that though they claim to be a Dr, they declined to provide documentation. I think it would solve a lot of problems.

    Disclaimer: I am not a physician, just an incredibly well educated allied health practitioner.



    Great post.

    In my experience the frauds usually flush themselves out, which evidently is the case here.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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