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    No, we are impartial observers and you are so biased you can’t even see your own bias. We even try to show you your bias by showing you back your own words, and you completely ignore us.

    The Torah tells us that shochad, bias, blinds even tzaddikim. But you are choosing to ignore this.

    Please don’t tell me about your areivus, all your knowledge is second hand at best, did you mention that to the posek when you asked the question or did you conveniently omit that and only ask something general like “if I know someone is about to marry a bipolar person, should I inform them that the other side is bipolar?”


    Mr. Doniel -“I am not hurting anymore, did what a posek told me to do, and put it in HaShem’s hands. If someone decides to do something to ruin their lives, it is not my problem, since I did what I was ethically and halakhically obligated to do.

    The negative comments directed towards me assume that Judaism makes no obligation of arevus upon its adherents. In the words of Kayin, I am my brother’s keeper. Halakha takes the back seat to secular ideas about proper conduct and psychobabble.”

    I guess you didn’t read my comments before -here they are again:

    “One last point to prove my theory -why did your friends/Rabbis even tell you about this guy in the first place? There was absolutely No Toieles to tell you. If for some reason they had a good intention, they would have contacted her family directly. If they didn’t know how to, they could have just asked you how to contact them without giving you the reason why they had to!”

    So yes Doniel -you didn’t do what the Torah said. All our “secular ideas about proper conduct and psychobabble” is actually the Torah way. Too bad that this is beyond you.

    You didn’t have the right to listen to LH about this guy in the first place. Yes Arvous exists, and it was the job of your friends/Rabbis to pass it on directly. This had nothing to do with you. Your Negious prevents you from seeing what the Torah actually required over here.


    Well said health

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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