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    What is the source in our mesora for the concept of ayin hora? And what constitutes an ayin hora and what damage can it potentially inflict?


    Hi sushe.

    Great question!

    I don’t know the background of ayin hora, but I am looking forward to the responses.

    It is my understanding that Yosef was impervious to the ayin hora. I think he merited that by standing in front of, and guarding, his mother from being seen by someone with wrong intentions.

    If I am wrong, I hope someone will correct me.


    BTGuy: You are correct it has to do with Yosef. In mesheches Berachos 20 R’Yochanon said he descended from Yosef and said he was above ayin hara(see in gemara how the dialogue began).R’Avahu explains the bracha Yosef got alei ayin is read olei ayin(above the eye)and R’Yossi bar Channina says from the bracha of Yosef’s children v’yigdul larov,just like the fish are covered by water and cannot be seen by the eye so too the children of Yosef.Also Yosef did not look at what was forbidden to him ,so to he is above.


    The Gemara is full of the concept of Ayin Hara. It affects Halacha and Hanhaga in many areas.

    The basic idea is that people’s will have a big effect. The Sefer Chasidim says that those that are hated by the public (e.g. tax collectors) don’t live long. This is built into the world.


    everytime I tell a certain person sth that is happening in my life the opposite occurs.. any insights on this???


    I wish I would know someone like that, More.


    i beleive if one flaunts his wealth or good looks or whatever one has going good for them, that’s when one must worry about ayin hora.

    showing off brings on a”h.

    but if one is wealthy or strong or bright, but CONCEALS his good fortune MODESTLY, then a”h does not affect him.


    Hi Sam and HaLeiVi.

    Thank you for your answers.

    Very interesting!

    : D

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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