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    I was at a certain gadol’s house a few weeks ago, waiting in line to get a bracha. I noticed that a few people were able to cut the line – I guess VIPs, etc. have protekzia.

    I also noticed that anyone holding a baby (I guess to get a bracha for the baby?) was able to cut right past the line.

    I want to open a baby gemach next door to every gadol’s house.


    A baby Gemach is also a wonderful idea for childless couples! I’m sure that all of those Hareidim with their all-too-large families that they can’t really support, nurture, or even keep track of could be persuaded to donate to it!


    Jews needing to adopt used to benefit from a baby gemach run by the goyim. Women (non-Jewish ones, usually not of the higher classes) who didn’t want their babies left them in a designated field, and people (Jews included) could go to the field and pick one. They usually went by which ones were crying the loudest. Then the goyim got a bit more civilized and now they can only kill babies during the nine months prior to birth.


    I’m not talking about adoption; I’m talking about borrowing a baby for a quick gadol run.


    Hey – we can each operate own kind of baby Gemach!


    Just ask to borrow the baby on their way out. Tell them you’ll return it later.


    LOL! I used to run a pencil gemach in school, because everyone for some reason wanted to borrow mine. And then there was the time I charged 5 cents a tissue for the same reason (although they only wanted to borrow my unused ones and I didn’t require them to give the tissues back when they were finished). Unfortunately, none of my get rich plans ever worked…. I wonder why.


    The gadol’s eyesight had better not be so good, or he might notice that it’s the same baby every time. Also, how would you explain a bunch of bochurim with a baby?


    To quote Rav Aharon Feldman:

    I saw people lining up with children and infants to receive a bracha from a gadol. At first I was impressed because these people obviously want their children to see one of the greatest men alive today and hope it has an impression on them. I was shocked that when speaking to them, they were all there for brachos! Do they think that every tzaddik gives magical potions to people that can help them get better or become better tzaddikim?



    I have realized that whoever has the tissuebox or the new book, magazine, newspaper etc. always gets to have it the least. Here’s why, everybody comes over and just wants to take one (in the tissue case) or just take a quick look – because I have it, right? So I decided to give it to someone else and then to just take one or take a look.


    mobico: My thoughts exactly.

    akuperma: Did you honestly mean to say that goyim kill babies before birth? All goyim? Or only the ones you know? Please be a little more careful about what you pull out of your ear.


    Try China: they aren’t allowed to keep more than one.

    mobico and nfgo3: It’s a parenting style, more than the actual number of children. Look around, and look closely.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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