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    nice jewish boy

    Dear members of the coffee room,

    I’m a yungerman and would like to get a Bachelor as soon as possible
    I heard there is a program that combines Hebrew and English subjects that you can do yourself.
    If anyone has any info please let me know.


    Reading your post, it appears you’ll need a remedial English grammar and composition class before completing a ‘Bachelor’s’ or ‘Baccalaureate’ degree program.
    One does not get a ‘Bachelor’ unless one is a single girl looking to snare a husband who has never been married.
    A do it yourself program that combines Hebrew and English subjects will have little value or respect in the ‘real world,’ the world that hires and pays you a living wage.

    BTW>>>on-line classes run by accredited colleges and universities are NOT do it yourself methods. You participate in actual classes conducted by school staff. I have taught an on’line class for a Law School the past 6 years. The student join in a Skype round-table at a set time each week. Students and myself can see and hear each other and interact live. They are required to take the final exam in person either on campus or at a specified academic testing center with a professional tutor in place.

    nice jewish boy

    I appreciate your response.
    But please don’t attack me like that


    A reality check is NOT an attack.
    Too many yungermen have terrible secular educations. They have been sold a bill of goods about short cuts to college degrees. Degrees that are meaningless in the real (secular) world.

    I’m an employer in a sophisticated field (law) that required multiple degrees. I also teach law. I know the difference between a real degree and a scheme.
    There are many holding degrees who lack good writing skills, they are not to be hired by me or my colleagues.

    It is not just Yeshiva grads who have bad English grammar and composition skills, most college freshmen in the US require a remedial course.


    Why do you need a degree?

    nice jewish boy

    I would very much like to get into a master’s OT program.




    I would appreciate your input about which Accredit online college you can recommend for me to get into a law class similar to what you taught.

    With Much appreciation,



    You’ll find that most Master Degree programs in OT require a specific set of prerequisites including many science classes with labs that cannot be done on line or on your own.


    CTLAWYER is correct, you will not be able to apply to OT programs having taken your science prerequisites online. While there are private for profit companies (and some colleges) that offer science courses online, almost every OT program will not accept them. Even if a program says that they will accept online science courses, you will be competing against applicants who went to a traditional college and your chances of getting accepted are slim to none.

    Two options that you may want to consider are:
    Earning a yeshiva degree/quick online degree and only take the prerequisite courses at a traditional college.
    Look into OT programs such as Touro, where you only need approximately 60 credits of specific prerequisites course work, plus an additional (approx) 30 liberal arts credits (such as yeshiva credits) to apply.


    TAL has a partner program with Excelsior College. I think it might also be called TTI

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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