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    I think a person’s cell phone background says a lot about them and what they hold dear..

    Whats your background?


    Background image? The default single color.

    Ring? The default ring… ring…

    Nu, what does this say?


    my husband lol

    Sister Bear

    what’s yours?

    And how does that say anything about the person?

    I’ve had pictures of snow, a t-shirt that said “sorry babe i’m shomer”, a picture of my sister, a picture of the beach…what does that say about me?

    ☕️coffee addict

    we’ll, now that you ask.

    I grew up not frum and became frum when i was 13


    I think a person’s cell phone background says a lot about them and what they hold dear..

    Mine is the background that it came with. It says that I hold laziness, inaction and inertia dear.

    The Wolf


    background=family picture

    ring tone=buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    My take on this matter: Most men in the ages of 40-and up will have the background of the phone that it came with, or the other picture options it comes with like the beach.forest.etc..

    Their ring tones are either on vibrate, or the default tone.

    Women in that age range will have their family picture, or whatever their children set for them. Their ring tone will either be the old fashioned ring ring ring or some classic tune.

    The younger the age bracket the more original backgrounds you get, with the newer tunes. Girls: background usually themselves with a friend, or a picture of a favorite niece or nephew.

    If you think I’m wrong just take a look around.

    But obviously there are EXCEPTIONS to every rule!


    Background, default.

    Ring tone. When my phone rings it sounds like a phone ringing. SHOIN!


    the kotel. i promise.


    my kids


    Backround: slide show of my kids,

    ringtone: viberate (cant stand when peoples phones start singing the latest hit in the middle of minchah……)


    LOL sticky note soo true!

    backround: niagara falls

    banner: ma rabu maasecha Hashem

    Ringtone: Yaakov shwekey


    Oh, my banner: NO LOSHEN HORA!


    background- a beach in florida

    banner- H’ loves me!!!

    ring tone? regular ring is 6flags theme but mom and dad are personalized 🙂 but generally its on vibrate or silent.


    I had the default background until two minutes ago when I saw this post. Just switched it to a pic of my baby!



    I woldntv thought background was spelled this way.

    I never set actuall pics of ppl on my br. It gets me sick of them. Its usually pics of water or nature. I change it very often. My ringtone is different 4 all my contacts so I always know whos calling me- and its usually a tune that reminds me of the person.

    cell alert

    my banner a picture of the sunset by the water

    my banner Hashem loves ME

    my ringtone 1 that came with the phone!

    (but i did add more ringtones w/ my sd card)

    Now what does that say about me?


    background- me and my brother

    ringer- different one for every friend (this way I dont have to jump up when my phone rings and then see that I dont want to talk to that person. I can just ignore them from across the room!)

    minyan gal

    ItcheSrulik: I’m with you on this one. My phone doesn’t even have the capability to have background pics or banners. It is just a phone. It doesn’t take pictures or connect to the internet – it is just a phone. I don’t even know what the ringtone is like because I only turn it on if I want to make a call, then it is immediately turned off. My grandchildren think I am very “old fashioned” but I tell them that I think a phone is to make phone calls – period. They cannot believe that people ever lived without cellphones, cordless phones, color TV, CD and DVDs and especially, computers. When I told them that at one time you only had one phone in the house – usually in the kitchen – and it was attached to the wall. When you picked it up an operator asked what number you wanted and then connected you – that it if your “partyline” was not on the phone when you wanted to make a call. Sometimes I think that life was much simpler (and happier) in those days.


    I KNOW that life was simpler and happier then! they spent more time with people that really mattered to them and less time with people that are here one day and gone the next!

    me too

    Where in this weeks parsha is there a reference to the cellphone?

    ????? ???? ????

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