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    This thread is a place for you to share bad recipes, so that your food mistake will b’esrat Hashem never be repeated.

    Please note: Some people might test out your bad recipe, only to find it scrumptious. People are interesting like that. Thus, sometimes our bad recipes might make for someone else’s good recipe.

    Here’s the first bad recipe for you:

    2 hard-boiled eggs (preferably store bought, packaged)
    Container of pasteurized egg whites
    Olive oil cooking spray

    Frying pan

    Mash up the hard-boiled eggs with a fork.
    Spray the frying pan with olive oil cooking spray.
    Pour liquid egg whites into frying pan on high heat.
    Sprinkle the hard-boiled egg crumbles onto the egg whites
    Mix and fry like you’re making scrambled eggs
    Remove from heat once the egg whites have cooked
    Place onto plate (optional: spray cooked egg dish with olive oil)

    In my humble opinion, this tasted horrible! I thought that ithis food experiment would just taste like scrambled eggs or something. I ran out of regular eggs, but still wanted the yolj flavor. Hence, I scrambled egg whites with the hard-boiled eggs that I had in a package. I don’t remember what happened after this. My dog may have eaten it all.

    What is your bad recipe?


    Beans and Pasta

    Put eight ounces of dried beans and eight ounces of pasta into a large pot, fill with water, and cook at a full boil for an hour.


    Any recipe for vegetarian chulent clearly should be included. Nothwithstanding repeated efforts on my part of the past several years, the options I’ve offered from the Tikun Olam Cookbook substituting tofu and seitan for fatty meat have not met with a high level of enthusiasm from CR chefs.


    Interesting… both posts involved cooking beans.

    DovidBT’s recipe sounds like an unpalatable combination of overcooked pasta and undercooked beans.

    Gadolhadorah posted about vegetarian chulent being a less than box-office worthy hit. However, even if CR chefs are not into the vegetarian chulent, maybe there is indeed a tasty vegetarian chulent recipe already in the CR.

    Is there really a Tikun Olam Cookbook? I didn’t find one when Googling it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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