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    Can someone explain to me why the hechsher of Badatz Beit Yosef is not respected by so many. I have heard that at best it is b’dieved and a worst treif. The gadol hador Rav Ovadya is behind the hechsher.


    are you sfardi? they have different hilchos shechita than Ashkenazim…


    I am not sure, nor am I sure how much Rav Ovadia is involved at his age even though they put his name on it.

    While I know for sefardim they do not hold this way and very much respect the hechsher I was told by 2 separate mashgichim, one very respected top mashgiach from the OU (the other was a famous mashgiach for rabbanut yerushalayim!) who told me that beis yosef is practically treif FOR FLEISHIG and even bdieved/bshaas hadchak not to eat it (we asked the last part as my husband was part of a sefardi kollel for a short time and they’d order food for the kollel and liked to eat together and they’d get offended if he didn’t eat with them but he said it’s that bad, at least for ashkenazim – the rama and the beis yosef hold differently, even opposite, on certain things)…

    that being said he said it’s fine for milchig as they are super makpid on bishul akum etc but each person should ask their own rav/mashgiach they trust….


    The Rama has a ton of Chumros in Hilchos Shechita, but as far as I know even Sefardic Hashgachos are Mapkid on the Ashkenazi Chumros nowadays. I know nothing about this Badatz firsthand, but I would be shocked if they put a Hechsher on what Ashkenazim call a N’veilah, even if Ashkenazic custom is against the Gemara and the vast majority of Rishonim in these cases.

    Reb Eliezer

    See from R’ Ovadyah Yosef Yechaveh Daas Chelek 3 Siman 56 in great detail about glatt.


    As a certified shochet by Rabbi Moshe Heineman and someone who knows the politics in Israeli hashgachos let me wigh in. Firstly I’d like to say that practically all “hashgacha hock” you hear abt in israel is just politics. To give a small example, practically everyone eats Eida Chareidis, it’s viewed by many as one of the top if not the top hashgacha in Israel. A little while back (a few months ago) they discovered that the bodkim were not checking the knives properly there and they had chronic issues with pegimos. These are nicks in the knife which were extremely clear and according to ALL poskim this is 100% treif. I can keep listing cases but we’ll go on forever. Now in regards to Badatz Beit Yosef, I have personally seen plants with their mashgichim. In my opinion it was one of thr highest standards in kashrus. They were makpid on practically all treifos and they weren’t rushed and were told to do every thing benachas. They were makpid on botg chumros of sefardim and ashkenazim. In my opinion it’s just another politcal situation.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Shouldn’t you ask you Rabbi this?


    When it comes to shechita of chickens, any on the ball, nonpolitical Rav will tell you they’re top notch. It’s everything besides chickens. I’ll explain later.


    Ask any shochet who works for them how many chickens are checked an hour, and then divide by sixty to see how many they check a minute. I did, and each shochet I asked said essentially over 15 a minute. Nuff’ said. (One also told me that he had only seen one! chicken with a sheila in over a year!)

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Beit Yoseph Shechita is a totally separate subject from the Beit Yoseph hechsher in Israel.

    Sphardishe Shechita is machmir. The Beit Yoseph hechsher is not.

    Would Rav Ovadia have also been behind the Rabbanut Hashgacha when he occupied the position? Do you also wonder why people don’t eat it? Reb Moshe didn’t eat Chalav Stam even though he matired, I highly doubt Rav Belsky ate OU-D soft cheese even though he allowed it. I don’t see the difficulty of having a respected posek associated with a kashrus kulah; it happens quite often.


    My husband told me at one point that it’s not so much an issue of the schechita itself, where the Sefardi schochtim may be terrific and machmir on every chumra, both of the Ashkenazim and Sefardim, but something in the kashering process is different relative to when or how the salting is done. Can anyone fill in my blanks?

    Shopping613 🌠

    Most people I know eat the hchsher but not meat, only milk or pareve.
    After meeting many people from Central Jerusalem in seminary and other bigger cities I realized that most people there don’t eat it at all.

    I guess the smaller towns are less machmir because there’s less items and restaurants.


    Most american, frum people in Yerushalayim won’t eat BBY.

    The way someone once explained it to me is that R’ Ovadia created a hechsher for sephardim with the same idea in mind as the rabbanut. Ashkenazim have psakim that sephardim won’t rely on lihalach (ie. hashlachas kisem) and wanted an alternative. He knew everyone would listen to him, and made a hechsher that relies on lots of kulas so all the sephardim would at least eat that and not treif/plain rabbanut (which uses kulas that are totally unacceptable lihalacha for sphardim, as opposed to extremely bidi’eved for ashkenazim.) The bare standard for their chickens is actually very good, so it’s a shtikl funny: you end up with a hechsher that was created as a bidi’eved with very good chickens, and people think that reflects on the general hechsher, which it absolutely does not.

    Reb Eliezer

    NC, isn’t it funny where the shochet doesn’t eat from his own shechita?

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