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    I am baffled that the posters who are SO ABSOLUTELY SURE they have me “teitched up” are the furthest from the facts.


    1.Accusation: Multiple screen names

    Fact: The one time I thought I wanted to slip into a totally new screen name (and never re-use the old one) for PRIVACY purposes,posters who felt the need to disclose that posted immediately.Not planning to post under both,but just the new one,

    I was commended for “owning up”, “confessing” etc. as though I had tried to be devious in the first place!

    Either way,I was like “yeah,it’s me” and that was the petirah of the new name.(Watermelon,remember?)

    2. Accusation:I want people to think I’m a big tzadikes,and I can only handle posters who agree with me,etc.

    Fact: I often ask for,and am intrigued by the variety of angles people suggest.I never had an issue with anyone who disagreed with my feelings/opinions if they were worded their thoughts respectfully.I do take issue with blatant rudeness or haughty condescension.If you look carefully,I DEFEND THE KOVOD OF OTHER POSTERS who are not spoken to nicely as well.And not by being rude,either.

    As far as thinking overly highly of myself,if you knew me personally,you would burst out laughing.

    See,the problem with quick judgments is they are plain silly.

    Sometimes,in the CR here,someone will put themselves down.

    A minute later,a total stranger will tll them to see a shrink.

    That same poster will sounf off confidently on ANOTHER thread,and another total stranger will tell him,quite plainly,that he’s making a lot of noise,doesn’t know what on earth he’s talking about….

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