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    Is it bait and switch to wear glasses to an interview and then show up at work wearing contact lenses from then on?

    Yes: Because you may give off a more studious vibe in the office initially, only to make it appear more casual once you’re an employee.

    No: Because it’s not such a big deal. You’re still the same person, and as long as you perform just as well as with glasses, and you follow the company’s policies, then all is good. Plus, people often dress more formally for interviews, with suits and blazers. How is that different from glasses, essentially speaking? Plus hey, you may do a better job with contact lenses. Sure you may need to add a couple eye drops throughout the day if you’re at the computer, but you might have to do that anyway if you wore glasses. So carry on and do as you wish!

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks 🙂


    No. It’s the interviewer’s business if they have prejudices regarding glasses.


    No big deal.

    And any employer (barring certain well-defined cases where you probably need to pass an eye exam anyway) who would hire or not hire you on the basis of wearing glasses or not, is foolish and probably not someone I would want to work for anyway.

    The Wolf


    Yay thank YOU thank You!!! ☺


    What about if you wear contacts on a shidduch date, but never wear them otherwise?


    Mekach Taos, kiddushei taos. (I know someone will take this seriously.)


    You are doing it wrong. Glasses generally impair rather than enhance one’s appearance, and looks matter to employers (and most others), especially if you are a woman.


    AH!!! Huju, you brought up such an excellent point!

    Glasses give off different impressions on different people, and what may generally work for a woman may not be the same thing that may generally work for a man… then there’s age, the context, the type of glasses, and so forth.

    So I was too broad in my question – thank you 🙂


    What about a monocle? That will make you stand out from the crowd, which is always helpful in a job interview.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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