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    in order to make a Bracha for Hafrashas Challa, will bake more than needed for Shabbos, What would freeze best? unbaked shaped ready to be baked, half baked or fully baked?

    Best way to retain flavor when remove from freezer?

    how long in oven, what temp, covered or not?

    Can parchment tpaper be used to line pan? is it messy?

    Thank you

    always here

    IMO- frozen unbaked shaped. (my DH won’t touch fully baked frozen).

    baked never covered, altho’ you can use an aluminum foil tent if it’s browning too fast.


    For years, there were frozen, ready to rise challas marketed by kinneret. If your yeast can withstand the freezing, risen once, punched down, shaped loaves frozen would take up less room in the freezer, only if you are not baking all right away, does that effect the bracha?


    I bake first then freeze. If you freeze dough, the yeast may die and it won’t rise, unless you use a lot of yeast (I don’t).

    To warm up a frozen Challah, take it out a couple hours before. On Friday evening, we put in the warm oven, which we turn off right before Shabbat. In the morning, I take it out when I wake and put it on the cholent pot. Even w/o the cholent pot, it has about 4 hours to get to room temp, which is sufficient unless it’s really large (4+ cups – and even so it’ll still be thawed, maybe a little cold in the middle).

    What kind of pan are you lining with parchment paper?

    If you mean a loaf pan this is what I do. I use a rectangular piece of parchment paper that fits the bottom of the loaf pan. I grease the sides. If the grease does not work, I use a knife to remove the bread from the sides. You can’t reach the bottom with a knife, so I use the parchment paper.



    I think that the obligation for separating challah, and consequently the bracha, start at the kneading.


    i form it and freeze it unbaked. on friday i take it out about 2 hrs before it goes into the oven to let it defrost. sometimes it’s a little out of shape and i quickly re-form it.

    tastes as fresh as if you just made the dough that day.

    i use parchment paper and it’s much easier than silver foil, not messy at all.


    Actually, check with your LOR, mine told me that if you are not baking it all the same day, it CAN be a sheilah for the bracha!

    I bake it all, make sure it is completely cooled off then wrap it in foil and put it in a ziploc bag (try to get out as much of the air in the bag as possible) then freeze it. I also do like MDG said and warm it up. Everyone always likes it, never a complaint of lack of freshnes!



    Thanks for the Halachic advice. I also find that wrapping in foil and then wrapping in plastic helps it to stay fresh. Furthermore, the we use the foil cover when we warm it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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