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    how about we women do something as well lzecher the kedoshim how about a challah baking or if anyone out there has any ideas im open for them




    Please email me…I already started this for every Shabbos Mevorchim & have a nice group already! I have everyone in a database, I’ll be sending out email reminders etc. No email addresses are disclosed to other bakers.

    For details, email me @">

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    i think something for girls/women to do (who either dont have time or dont know how to bake challos) is to learn hilchos shmiras halashon!!

    i started learning the chofetz chaim, a daily companion evry night 2 years ago….its 2 minutes per night, i think its something we all could use as a segulah.

    we would never even listen to something bad that someone says about a brother or sister of ours…we wud say you have the wrong person…nope, not my sibling…i think you got the info wrong….WE HAVTA TREAT EVRY JEW LIKE A BROTHER OR SISTER and refuse to speak/listen to/accept Loshon hora about them!

    i feel this is so important…sinas chinam, which is caused THROUGH loshon hora, destroyed the Bais HaMikdash!! that mean the only way to bring Moshiach and Bais Shlishi is to have the opposite, which is ahavas chinam, brought about by Jews like you and me who strive to keep hilchos shmiras halashon.

    in this zechus may we be zoche to bring Moshiach bimheira biyameinu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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