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    Hi Everyone,

    My wife and I were in Baltimore this weekend visiting (and spending way too much at Shabsi’s!)… We drove around for a bit trying to find gluten free food in Baltimore. Are there any kosher “GF friendly” places in Baltimore?

    While I’m asking.. any ideas for NYC too? We don’t have any plans to get up to NYC right now, but I wouldn’t mind having some restaurant names on file.


    Sean Ben Noach


    In Brooklyn you should try Natural Village Cafe


    Seven Mile Market may have with their new health foods section

    You can always try Whole Foods on Smith Avenue or Fresh Market on Quarry Lake Drive. Both stores have a nice selection of kosher food.


    There is a store called “Gluten Free shoppe” in BP. They sell just about every single Kosher product that is gluten free, from cookies to snacks you name it!! For someone that is on a gluten free diet it’s a wonderland!

    3918 16th Ave


    Thye new 7 Mile Market has a large selection. In the deli department some of their dold cuts are GF too.

    Close by in Colonial Village Shopping Center on Reisterstown Road there’s a SunSplash natural foods store that has some gluten-free things (check the freezer cabinet too.)

    I think there’s a place in Rockville but I’m not sure. The DC area is getting quite frum-friendly these days, with less and less need to trek up north to Baltimore.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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