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    I hate to come off as a snob but I find it incredibly amusing sitting here in Yerushalayim ir haKodesh reading such an intense debate between frum yiddin over whose city in chu”l is better.


    Where the Jewish community is in Baltimore is safe to live in.

    Some parts yes, some parts not so safe. The closer to you get to Northern Parkway, the sketchier the neighborhoods get. I wouldn’t live anywhere between Reisterstown Road and Park Heights Avenue either, not with that zoo that masquerades as a high school.


    147, you answered me: “justsmile613:- Even I know that Israel is just about the safest place on earth, and in Israel I have no problem letting my very young children go out alone and on public transportation, and even very late at nite. …. No way in Baltimore.”

    Dont know what bad exp you had in Baltimore, and Im sorry you did. But it is an incredible,close,amazing Frum community with EVERYTHING you need for a frum life and while some parts are not the safest in the world,in general it is comparable to other US communities. The reason Baltimore gets such a bad name somethimes is because of west baltimore. But no frum person lives anywhere near there. In NY you have inwood,harlem, In NJ you have Newark. In Cleveland there are bad neighborhoods etc, but dont misguide other people who dont know anything about Baltimore. I grew up in NY and when I moved here didnt know much about Balt,but learned quickly what a special community it is.

    Avram in MD


    Avram: Is comparing the positives of each okay?

    Why not? I even personally don’t have a problem with comparing the negatives of each; I just objected to lashon hara against the frum Jews of Baltimore themselves.

    As for your other questions, I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that Brooklyn’s Jewish infrastructure is far more extensive than any other frum community’s in the U.S.

    Avram in MD


    If you are not going repudiate lies and attacks, then I won’t waste my time.

    If I see any lashon hara directed towards the frum Jews of New York themselves, then B”N I will repudiate it.

    I’ll meet you even further and say that I disagree with some of akuperma’s contentions regarding New York because they were inaccurate, but I don’t think they were lashon hara. But since you think that it’s not even ok to say anything negative about the area where frum Jews live, why are you enthusiastically participating in the Baltimore bashing?

    Is it my imagination, or is it true that just about every Rav and Posek and Jewish leader in Balimore was brought up in communities outside of Balimore.

    What does this demonstrate other than that Baltimore is a younger and smaller community than New York?


    Joseph: Comparing apples to apples, you have to look at the infrastructure of the communities on a per capita basis. On that basis, Baltimore has everything New York does. It was always a better place to raise children, though Baltimore has caught up with the problems, within the Jewish world, that New York faces these days.

    The truth is, Jews no longer belong in either place. Aside from societal problems in these communities, the handwriting is on the wall. Drive around every identifiable Jewish community in NY and you will see right adjacent to it a growing menacing Muslim community. The problem is that when you live someplace, you are used to it and don’t fully see what’s really going on.

    In Baltimore too, the Muslim population is not far from the Jewish community, mostly in Lower Park Height and in Woodlawn.

    As they did in Europe, when they feel more secure and have sufficient numbers, they raise havoc. It’s only a matter of time and just like Baltimore, the Police will not be there to protect you.


    Even on a per capita basis Brooklyn has a far richer Jewish infrastructure than any other frum community in chutz. And if one’s hope is to raise children in as a Jewish environment as possible, Brooklyn is by far better than anywhere else in chutz (with the only exceptions being places like Kiryas Yoel or New Square.)

    Israel has a larger and more dangerous Muslim threat than either NY or Baltimore. And more Jews are victims of that threat there.


    Insulting a location where frum people live, especially with lies, via a frum website, shows a lack of sensitivity to the frum people who live there and who take the insults personally. My retort was meant to show that there is no ideal community, and I am privy to quite a few; we may have differing circumstances and issues but we all need to learn musser, work on our midos and yiras shomayim.


    Cherrybim -“In 2014, while New York City was ranked #2 in safest USA cities with populations over 500,000; Baltimore was ranked second most dangerous city”

    You’re talking about crime. Let’s see, which city had their World Trade Centers blown up? I’ll give you a hint – it wasn’t Balto.!


    Joseph: Do you know what the term “per capita” means? There is nothing in Brooklyn that Baltimore doesn’t have, including its problems. Brooklyn has more in numbers of organizations and problems, but not per capita.

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