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    I am getting conflicting infor from my son’s Rabbeim. His bar Mitzvah will I”H be on ??? ??????????? ?????

    What is his Parsha? Miketz? Chanukah? Is his Thursday leining different than the Shabbos leining?



    I think has a calendar for this stuff.


    Bar mitzva is too early to be dating. Even if there is a shidduch crisis.


    popa, I would have to disagree with you on that, Because it will definately balance out the age gap

    old man

    His parshah is Miketz. Maftir is the Chanukah nassi.

    Thursday leining is Chanukah leining only (ne’si’im).

    He will not lein Rishon-only of Miketz, as the Shabbat before and Monday are before his birthday, and Thursday as noted above is already Chanukah.

    Mazal Tov


    There has always been an age gap. It isn’t some new creation in this generation.


    May you have lots of nachas.


    Kisslev 23, 5774 is on a Tuesday, 2 days before Thanksgiving.

    That Shabbos is 3rd day of Chanukah, whence Mikketz is the Parsha, but Maftir is 3rd Nossi followed by Haftoro from Zechariah in honor of Chanukah.

    Thursday Thanksgiving morning, is Kerias hatoro for 1s day of Chanukah, commencing Chamishi of Nosso. Note carefully, that in that same Kerias HaToro there are 2 widespread Minhogim as to where Sheni commences; 1 is used in most Chutz Lo’Oretz places, and the other is used in Israel & in Yekkish places in Chutz Lo’Oretz as well.


    YehudaTzvi – That Shabbos the leining will be Parshas Mikeitz (maftir will be Chanukah kriah). During all of Chanukah we read the leining of Chanukah every day. So that Thursday, the first day of Chanukah, we read Chanukah kriah, not parshas Mikeitz.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    interjection- according to my great-grandmother there were a lot of older singles in her Hungarian town prewar. The only difference was that nobody cared besides for their parents. When her great-grandmother went to Israel as an old woman in order to be buried their, her two unmarried daughters came with her to take care of her. It was the norm for old woman to have an unmarried daughter to take care of them until they died. Today we worry more about the daughter than the aging mother.


    Popa, what he intends to ask is, can you go to a bar for a mitzva date? (mitzva date – I suppose that’s when you date an older girl.)

    only because bp27 already answered

    YW Moderator-42

    That’s an interesting idea, take a girl to a Bar Mitzvah for a date…

    In terms of the question, it has been answered by a number of people already. Mazel Tov! May you see much nachas from your son and be zoche to bring him to the chuppa and see grandchildren in good health.


    Popa, what he intends to ask is, can you go to a bar for a mitzva date? (mitzva date – I suppose that’s when you date an older girl.)

    No, it is when you date your relative. Like a mitzva tantz.


    It’s something Rebbish Chassidim do. Like a mitzva tantz.

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