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    Joe Schmo

    Lets take a poll.

    Obama wins (chas vshalom)….does he get sworn into office and use his middle name?

    jO jO

    Not a chance.


    Once a Hussein, always a Hussein.


    Did you hear (from Arutz Sheva) that the PA is supporting and campaining for Obama?????

    If that isnt a clear enough picture- I think you need glasses!


    Once he wins he has nothing to hide in fact he won’t swear in bec the Muslim faith doesn’t allow swearing


    1) Why should he?

    2) havesomeseichel:

    Right, and the KKK campaigns for and supports McCain. What’s your point?

    3) AharonRottenberg:

    Cut the garbage. He isn’t Muslim, and anyone with HALF a brain knows that by now.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Illini, many of his immediate relatives have Muslim names, I believe even one of his daughters. Since he is interested in American politics, he may have decided to play down his Muslim connections, but we really do not know what he truly believes. In addition, there must be some reason why the Muslim world is so ecstatic about his candidacy. How any Jew can take a chance on him is beyond me. I agree he speaks well, and seems to be sincere, but we really don’t know much about him. Would you enter into a business agreement with somebody with ties to all kinds of shady characters? If a person with his background called you on the phone and asked for your social security number because he has a good deal for you, would you trust him? The president of the USA will have access to all kinds of top-secret info, like the codes for the nukes, where they are stored, the structure of our military installations, secret communication systems and channels, where our submarines are located at any time, just for starters. How can the country turn over this info to a total unknown with almost no experience, whose loyalty to our nation is suspect, having attended a church where the minister chanted G-d D— America?

    I think something is seriously wrong with the seichel of many American voters. Have they thought about how serious this is? The economy doesn’t come close in importance to national security. Poor people can survive, but being blown to bits by an enemy is far worse. Did we forget the twin towers already?

    If this is not the riskiest decision anybody ever made, I don’t know what is.


    I guarantee that if the American public was more “well-versed” that his middle name is Hussein, he wouldn’t have a chance next week.

    Proof: Google “Barack Obama” and you get 70,600,000 results. For “Barack Hussein Obama” you get only 1,460,000.

    ?? ????? ????? ??? ???


    “Hussein vs. McCanin” Who would you rather have for president?

    “John McCain the right stuff – Barak Hussein Obama the Wright stuff”

    “You have to be insane to vote for Hussein?

    “Obamanation’s got all the Wright friends”

    “Nobama ’08”

    See this photo –

    “Obama – Wrapping Socialism in a smile”

    I bet all the self-hating liberal Jews will vote for this Arab anyway.

    I wish Rabbi Meir Kahana were alive.


    Why would he drop his name? Obviously the potential damage didn’t keep him from getting elected (most likely), so why do it once he’s in office?

    As to the post from havesomeseichel, keep in mind that the enemies of your enemies are not always your friend.

    Case in point:

    You can’t always choose who will support you, or why they do it.

    kitzur_dot_net: try your same “scientific research” on any other president or presidential candidate, and let me know what turns up.


    He’ll totally keep his name…

    We live in a crazy world.


    @Pashuteh Yid: Obama’s daughters are named Natasha and Malia. Natasha is obviously a Russian name, and Malia is of Hawaiian origin. (His wife’s name is Michelle.)

    “We really do not know what he truly believes.” You’re right; this is true of any political candidate in any election. No matter whom one votes for, one will always be “taking a chance” that the candidate will follow through on his/her campaign promises and reveal him/herself to be true to the portrait painted of him/her by the media.



    Your post in and of itself is contradictory. You try to play up the “Muslim” factor, but then acknowledge that he was a member of a CHURCH for over 20 years. There is nothing to indicate that he has ties to terrorism – Ayers included (in case you don’t read much, Ayers ceased his radicalism when Obama was 7 – LONG before the two ever met).

    What about Jerry Falwell, who supported Bush, who went on anti-American tirades all the time? What about Sarah Palin’s husband, who was part of a secessionist movement not long ago at all. You are suffering from a combination of selective hearing, and being force-fed a whole bunch of nonsense.

    I have friends who are voting both ways. But the ones voting for McCain do not need to resort to fear-mongering that he is a terrorist-sympathizer or that he is Hitler, or that he will turn this country into a Socialist state (which, btw, the bailout already did). They have educated, well-reasoned policy differences which lead them to their voting conclusions. I suggest you find something more substantial to base your vote on.



    I’m just curious what your intellectual take is on the photo of Obama not holding his hand over his heart during the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance? This photo has been authenticated, and the story behind it can be found at the link I provided earlier.

    As you say to Pashuteh, without resorting to fear-mongering, what is your “well-reasoned” explanation for his refusal to do the most basica American thing, hold your hand over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance”?

    What is your explanantion for his refusal to wear an American Flag pin, which every single other Senator does at certain occassions, EXCEPT FOR OBAMA?

    What is your explanation for his “American” wife, Michelle, stating just a few months ago, “for the first time I’m proud of America.” I guess until then, until her Muslim husband had risen to power, she was proud of which country – Syria? Iran? You can be sure it wasn’t England she was proud of.

    Don’t any of these things scare you just a little bit?

    Don’t they point to a serious, very basic flaw in the Obama family’s patriotism?

    I think it does.



    First off: HE ISN’T MUSLIM. GET OVER IT. For pete’s sake man…

    Further, I’ve said the pledge without my hand over my heart. Saying the pledge is more important than the hand motion that accompanies it. As far as the pin goes, I think that the flag pin has become a useless replacement for ACTUAL patriotism, that is patriotism by action. A pin means nothing, and I think that was Obama’s point: it’s actions that count, not appearances. Much like one who shuckles the hardest at shul but violates many mitzvos ben adam l’chavero isn’t as frum as he would put himself out to be. As far as Michelle’s comment, I think it was probably hyperbole, but even if it wasn’t it isn’t hard to at least see where an African-American woman would be coming from when saying something like that. If you think racism is dead in this country, and that there is equal opportunity, then you are sticking your head in the sand.

    Finally, if Obama wasn’t patriotic, he wouldn’t be running for president. Nor would he have run for Senate. Question his policies all you want, but to question his patriotism is absurd. Much like claiming he is Muslim is absurd.

    But I don’t expect you to listen to anything other than what Fox News tells you, so it’s probably a lost cause.


    illin07 – I am not an expert on muslims and their laws, however, it is my understanding that contrary to what we know to be true in that the child is Jewish if the mother is Jewish, the muslims claim paternal lineage – so if the papa is muslim according to them, so is jr. The fact that he converted or accepted a different faith later in life, seemingly would make him in infidel to the muslim world. so… why do the muslims love him so much when they take vows to kill all infidels?

    jO jO

    Like I said, NOT A CHANCE



    You can’t say that because Muslims consider him to be Muslim, that he must have Muslim sympathies. What THEY think is irrelevant – what he has internalized and what he considers his faith is the only thing that matters. Let them be idiots by themselves, they aren’t the ones running for president. He has practiced Xtianity his entire life. Please, give the idiocy a rest.


    unbelieveable, this illini07 a lefty and soine yisroel(ehrliche yidden) all the way..why dont you go to a christian site. just goes hand in hand, lefty soine yisroel. also thats exactly the shito the assimilated ‘yidden’ had in Germany. besides the, the arrogance the way you put forth your arguments…ehr is de klugste oif the velt..




    Seriously. Nothing in my post indicates that I am “sonei Yosroel” at all. If anyone, it is you who hates Jews (and by that I mean anyone who dares disagree with you and your “holiness”).

    Nothing I said has anything to do with Germany. Provide a reasonably intelligent response to my point, or go away.


    Why should he drop his middle name?


    watever the case is we all know mashiach is around the corner watever is writtern in the torah we c clearly its happening to us its very scary i believe obama will win the election its all in hashems plan how to bring mashiach closer we will go through a war with the arabs then mashiach will come


    he shouldntdrop his middle name he is an arab



    He’s NOT an Arab. Even if he’s a Muslim, which he certainly ISN’T, he’s still not an Arab – an Arab is one descended from those in the Middle East – for example, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. If anything, Obama’s an African Muslim. Islam was foisted on the Africans, didn’t you know?


    @GILA As Give me a Break said, he’s not an Arab.

    You think he should “drop his name” upon inauguration? I’m sick of how narrow-minded our community is. He didn’t choose his name. His parents chose it for him.

    @Eliezer why does saying the Pledge of Allegiance without one’s hand over one’s heart immediately translate into some anti-American sentiment. Please. Obama has gone over and above the call to prove that he’s as American as you are.

    The country has been run into the ground financially under Bush – you honestly think there’s going to be some sweeping change from a geriatric and a woman whose experience up until two years ago was running a town of 9000 in deepest, darkest Alaska?


    k so hes not an arab but if he becomes prez it wont b a joke for jews r mattisyahu salamon said obama is like hitler



    Are you really truely that naive?

    It’s not that he “forgot” to put his hand over his heart, but it’s that he “B’Davka” purposely, did not.

    He was making a point.

    I get his point, you don’t.

    One more question:

    Is Give Me a Break, Illini07’s wife?



    Gila, Rav Matisyohu shlit”a is English. I can’t believe he said that, or that, if he did, he meant it to be circulated. Please go to your source and get an exact quote or the circumstances.


    illini 07- I would rather support KKK then the PA. At least the KKK arent killing our brothers and sisters! I have not heard about the KKK supporting McCain- please prove. I have been following the media and if it was something bad about McCAin, they would have said something. Not necessarily with regards to Obama… And by the way- has McCain praised the KKK? Obama has praised the PLO spokesman from Arafat’s days.

    Rivkale- Do you remember post 9/11 how everyone, govermental officials included, all wore the flag pin? it is a sign of solidarity and patriotism. Obama did not wear it! How has he shown that he is American more then McCain who was tortured for 5 and 1/2 years in Vietnam so you (or your parents, depending on how old you are) could sleep in peace! illini-07 action speaks louder then words. How about breaking his arms and leg while in service of his country? What about being tortured?



    I’m NOT a woman!

    Pashuteh Yid

    Illini, the fact that he goes to church does not contradict that he may be a believing Muslim. Do you not admit the possibility, albeit remote, that he may be infiltrating our system by pretending to be Christian?

    In addition, another thought. THe church he attended was, as I mentioned before, a place where the minister spewed forth viciously anti-AMerican slogans. Now, if Obama were a descendant of slaves, and his family had been mistreated, and not allowed to vote, and confined to slums, etc., while we may not agree that such an anti-American attitude is correct, we could at least be understanding of why he feels that way. But in fact, his family came over from a poor country seeking a better life, and his father was given a free eductation at Harvard, I believe, and Obama had all kinds of doors opened to him, a poor immigrant. Is such a negative attitude acceptable, such a lack of hakaras hatov, and a slap in the face to the country that gave you everything?


    Barack Hussain Osama!



    Barack HussEin Obama, Jr.


    gmab: your wrong as well. it is barack hussein obama II. this is what is written on his birth certificate.


    Infiltrating our system!!! Why must everything be a conspiracy? Why must every action Obama takes and every statement he makes be cross-examined and condemned for reasons that even his accusers believe to be “remote”?

    Chuck Schwab

    A sad, but funny, message I saw:

    The U.S. is a very interesting country. First it sends 150,000 troops to another country 7000 miles away in order to remove a Hussein from power.

    Now it is about to elect a Hussein who says he will bring the 150,000 troops home.

    Pashuteh Yid

    What is so sad is that is that some polls are saying that 60-80% of Jews will vote for Obama. These freier yidden have no conception of Zionism, that Israel belongs to us, and therefore if a president plans to force Israel to give up Jerusalem and the West Bank, that is correct social justice. What is even sadder is that the Chareidim basically agree with that idea, (although they will not generally vote for Obama). This is just another example of the total confusion and self-contradiction of Chareidi hashkafa. Ideologically, as far as Zionism, they hold like the freier.


    Pashuteh Yid: The Bnei Torah and the freier both drink tap water and believe in driving cars.

    But no shaichos.


    My hope? President-elect Barack Hussein Obama II.


    Pashuteh Yid:

    That much conjecture into some rabid conspiracy theory is too much for me (or anyone with half a brain) to believe. Besides the fact that our system of government prevents the president from doing too much unilaterally, unless you’re GWB and think you are actually a monarch…


    Don’t forget that King Hussein was a friend of Israel – not all Husseins are bad.


    He never used his middle name in the U. S.


    Back in 2016, Barack Who’s sayin’ Obama’s former secretary of state won the popular vote for president. Why does no other democracy have an electoral college?


    huju -“Why does no other democracy have an electoral college?”

    Think for a minute. Oh I know, because we Don’t want a Lib, woman Pres. – NOT!
    Think maybe because it’s called the United States?!?
    Do you learn American History in H.S.?


    To Health: Did you not learn about rhetorical questions in high school? Yes, I know the origins of the Electoral College. Do you think we still need it? One of the justifications for the Electoral College was to prevent the people from electing an idiot. Well, no system is foolproof.

    Would you oppose a constitutional amendment to allow the popular vote to choose the US president, as we choose governors, state attorneys general, senators, congressmen, state legislators, mayors, county executives, county prosecutors, sheriffs, tax collectors and dog catchers?


    “Why does no other democracy have an electoral college?”

    Germany sort of does — the “Bundesversammlung”.


    To charliehall: So for guidance on democracy, we should consider … Germany? Actually, Germany has been well-behaved since 1945, but it still gives me the creeps, and lately, all of Europe and America has been dealing with rising right-wing politics.


    Huju -“Do you think we still need it?”

    Well, do we still need the Senate?
    We could just have House of Representatives.
    The Electoral College was created the same reason!

    “Would you oppose a constitutional amendment to allow the popular vote to choose the US president,”

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