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    gmab: they have a point, are you really that sick to think that killing the infirm is a point? pro choice movement is only for the right to chose abortion. if someone choses to keep a baby that isnt to their liking, then they want it put down like a rabid dog. it is funny, that the same people who are tree huggers and animal rights activists usually for some reason dont think that a baby in a mothers womb should have rights. liberalism is a disease, much like communism, nazism, and fascism. obama falls into the latter, as he is a marxist. (all we hear is about his community organizing. what we dont hear is wha the heck he did. voter registration fraud, intimidation, etc. all teh good stuff of chicagoland democrat politics.)



    Are you comparing me to Hitler?

    You do have a point – our birthdays are both April 20th.


    That’s the second or third time I’ve seen you mention that bit of trivia. You must be really proud of it. I share a birthday with B Clinton, but I don’t advertise it. Why do you want everyone to know that you share a birthday with YM”Sh?

    With only 366 possible birthdays, around 17 million living people share every birthday (on average). Add in those from previous generations and the number is ridiculous. Sharing a birthday has no meaning unless you want it to.

    If you have 23 people in a room…..


    “Sharing a birthday has no meaning unless you want it to.”

    i think it does (Hebrew birthday) even in Halachah

    (something to do with identifying a mark on a body to conclude the identity of a man to free his wife, maybe you recall the Gemorah, i cant remember where it is)

    you probably knew this but forgot.

    the marks of course being in black and white in those days


    Mariner, you’ve really flipped your lid haven’t you?

    Liberalism is a disease? Obama is a Marxist?

    Please, saying such absolutely ridiculous things makes me wonder…perhaps intelligence tests for voter registration weren’t such a bad idea after all…


    Give Me a Break: i didnt mention hitler anywhere in my post. i said liberalism is a disease like socialism nazism and communism. those are 3 political groups found on different places on any of the many political spectrum charts one may wish to use. since i cannot possibly compare nazism and socialism (except that both hate jews, and liberals tend to as well,) i am not considering you like hitler. what i was saying was it is a disease like those three, and if you are a liberal, then yes, you do have this disease, and you should get help. (usually through education.)



    Nazism = Adolf Hitler, no?


    adolf hitler is a nazi, but nazism is not adolf hitler. nazism is a form of social order, like socialism, democracy, repulic, monorchy, etc. and i never called you a nazi. i called liberalism a disease. see, the flu is a virus, and aids is a virus, does everyone with the flu have aids? no. but both need to be eradicated. we eradicated most nazism and socialism (even china is coming around in sorts) and now is liberalisms turn at the chopping block.


    Mariner, I’d like to know exactly what community college you got your education from. Educated people don’t say the ridiculous things that you say. Those are reserved for Ann Coulter.

    You can disagree with liberalism, but to call it a disease is the surest sign of ignorance I’ve seen yet.


    I think it is a direct quote from talk a radio host. That makes it intelligent, or at least right.


    illini07: typical elitist liberal monkey talk. how dare you in any way look down on community colleges! in nyc alone you have brooklyn, hunter, baruch, john jay, queens, and lehman which are but a few community colleges who have brilliant lawyers accountants, doctors, statesman (including btw,the extremely liberal barbara boxer) as alumni.

    as for liberalism not being a disease, i fell it is one, and it does not stem from ignorance at all . its a disease of the mind, where one feels the need to take form others, and then give it to other others. it is where one feels that that know best what to do with other peoples children. how to better run other peoples finances. yes, illini07, liberalism is a very bad disease, and must be eradicated. this is usually done by going and getting educated. the problem is, liberals have taken over colleges, television, cinema, and newspapers. so the only thing left, which they cant infiltrate as of yet, is talk radio. sorry, i know it bothers you that ann coulter is a women who speaks her mind, and it isnt liberal mantra that a monkey can say over. that she uses the same fighting techniques as liberals like nancy pelosi, chriss dodd, and yes, even obama and his pathetic excuse for a wife. but this proud american does like what ann coulter says, as well as shaun hannity, mark levin, rush limbaugh, dennis prager (another brooklyn college alumn), etc. to say that believeing everything printed in the ny times, and said on npr is true, and that liberalism is correct is actually the lowest form if ignorance, and stupidity. a the saying goes, a young conservative has no heart. an old liberal has no brain. id rather have no heart, then have no brain!

    get educated, get conservative!

    anon for this

    mariner, are you saying you believe everything Ann Coulter says? Because I don’t think Ann Coulter believes everything she says.


    Coulter is a zoina. There are far better conservatives to use as an example than that fool.


    anon for this: ann coulter says shocking things to balance out teh stupidity from the left. when she says these outrageous things it gets people to listen. after her outrageous comments, the rest of what she says is usually very accurate, though very conservative, and intellectually honest. she graduated cum laude and was the editor of the michigan law review (something the obama campaign claims is a big deal!)

    she worked as a clerk in the 8th circuit court, and then Senate Judiciary Committee after the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994. She handled crime and immigration issues for Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan and helped craft legislation designed to expedite the deportation of aliens convicted of felonies. so technically, she has more experience then obama does!


    Only a fool will believe someone 100% of the time. Learn how to judge what people say and what commendations they have as much as what they say. If the New York Times, for example, says that the surge is an “utter failure” in Iraq, then I know not to believe it at all… since Obama now has come to the realization that it is working. I tend to take things with a grain of salt, especially from certain uncredible sources (NY Times, LA times, anything from France/palestinian sources/communist countries, and certain leftist groups/people/organizations….) and you should learn to do that as well.

    anon for this

    mariner, here’s a fun bit of trivia about Spencer Abraham: In 1997, he joined a group of senators in attempting to abolish the Department of Energy, calling it “wasteful and ungainly”, having “no core mission”. Then, after he lost his seat to Debbie Stabenow, President Bush made him Secretary of Energy; when questioned about his earlier efforts to dismantle the DOE, he said he was no longer interested in doing so. (President Bush had a soft spot for losing senators; he even found a position for John Ashcroft, who lost to a dead man).


    So Ann Coulter’s bright, has her facts right, and is (thanks, Ann!) generally on our side. Does that make her any more pleasant to listen to? And WADR, anyone who’s writing is compared to HL Mencken is not going to be high on my reading list.


    anon for this: he didnt have a soft spot for losing senators, he had a soft spot for his friends. even his detractors in the dem party have always given him credit for his loyalty to his friends. he never leaves them at the wayside, no matter what it means to his name! that is something to copy, not make fun of!


    For all you know… he can be sitting a reading all these comments… guaranteed hes having a hay day!



    “The pro-choicers have a point, although I don’t really agree. If she wanted to bear Trig, OK, but if she didn’t, that’s fine with me too.”

    i suppose its too late to kill him now.

    i imagine it would be interesting to get trigs take on this.

    anon for this

    mariner, you are right that the comment about John Ashcroft was something of a gratuitous swipe. Obviously Ashcroft didn’t lose to a dead man but to his widow, and if the timing of Mel Carnahan’s death would have been different Ashcroft might have won (certainly these events proved to be an object lesson for Norm Coleman later). But don’t you think it’s a little odd to appoint someone to head a Cabinet department that he campaigned to abolish? I for one was disappointed in the Bush administration on the energy issue, because I hoped that with Dick Cheney’s interest in nuclear energy we’d have seen at least one nuclear plant begin construction (not just site permitting, which means nothing); I believe that nuclear energy is one of the best ways for our country to achieve energy independence.


    Apropos of shared birthdays (and just because I would like to dim some of the acrimony here buy changing the subject for a minute), my oldest son was born on my mother-in-law’s birthday, my daughter was born on my mom’s birthday, my next daughter was born on my son’s and mother-in-law’s b-day, I went into labor with my next daughter on my older daughter’s and mom’s b-day (but missed the date by less than an hour, though in the USA time zone where my brother was when we called to tell him the news, he was still on the previous day’s date…), and then when my youngest son was born, though he shared no date with either his brother or three sisters, his bar-mitzvah parsha nevertheless came out that year to be the same as that of his oldest brother. BTW, my only sister and my husband’s only sister share a birthdate, and my husband’s sister and her husband were married on my birthday. And even though in the great scheme of things NONE of what I just posted is terribly important to anyone other than my family, I just thought this was more innocuous than talking about Hitler OR Ann Coulter.


    mariner, for the record “in nyc alone you have brooklyn, hunter, baruch, john jay, queens, and lehman…” I don’t think any of those colleges are community colleges, the one doubt I have is Lehman.


    yossiea: for the record of being correct, all those colleges i mentioned are part of cuny (city university of ny). now cuny, whether you like it or not, is a member of the american association of community colleges. if you do not believe me, check out

    and see for yourself. (not sure why you thought lehman wasa community college out of all those i mentioned).

    anon for this

    mariner, after thinking about what you wrote I wanted to add that although remembering one’s friends is a significant indicator of character, this doesn’t necessarily extend to appointing them for positions for which they may not be qualified. In Chicago, where I grew up, this is known as patronage, and it doesn’t necessarily make for good government.


    anon for this, these people were appointed to positions that the senate has to approve. so if the senate did not think they deserved the positions they should have voted that way.

    anon for this

    mariner, so are you saying that it doesn’t matter whether the president makes good decisions, since it’s the job of the legislature to protect us from the president’s poor decisions? That can sometimes work, if the legislature isn’t controlled by the same party as the president.


    no, silly, i am saying that they were qualified for their positions.

    Buncha dumdums

    gmab i sincerly hope for your sake nobody ever finds out who u are


    Buncha dumdums:


    P.S. Don’t worry, nobody but me, God, and a few friends know about this thing.


    Hey, RJC! Hillary Clinton’s a Dem!


    Give Me a Break: im not sure why you are telling hte rjc that hillary is a dem. we all know that, and we also know that she said that obama is not qualified to be president. biden agrees btw, “the presidency doesn’t lend itself to on the job training”.


    Note to everyone about the polls… they report that Obama is going to win the election but if one would look at the margin of error many of the “battleground” states that the liberal media has reported “for sure Obama will win it” are actually within the margin of error. If there is a 3 point margin of error, and Obama is up by 6 points, then either candidate can gain or lose 3 points. So, Obama can lose 3 and McCain can gain three…. meaning that they are tied! Dont be swayed by the polls and vote for the most qualified candidate, not just one who sounds good at this moment/made a good speech. Check their history, facts, voting record, and experience!


    Everything is in HaShem’s hands. Whether Barack H. Obama II or John S. McCain III becomes president is up to him.


    Yes GMAB, but we still need to do our hishtadlus!




    d)vote only after researching both sides completly (and not just trusting CNN, NY times… try unbiased, just the facts, from many sources)


    Barack Hussain Osama!


    remember- what is the similarity between Osama and Obama? They both have good friends who bombed America!



    The day of the election, a friend forwarded the following message to me:

    Use your brain

    and vote McCain;

    don’t be a ‘bahama’ (beheimah)

    and don’t vote for Obama!

    I replied:

    Don’t be insane

    to vote for McCain;

    keep up the drama

    and vote for Obama!

    I also sent this to a few other friends, and this is one reply I got:

    It will be hard to refrain

    from voting for McCain

    for he has put his country first;

    everyone can see,

    both you and me,

    that only he can uench our thirst.

    So don’t be fooled by Obama’s rhetoric and drama,

    for beneath his veneer

    his views become clear

    that they are aligned with Hussein and Osama!

    In due time,

    we’ll view the sublime.

    The drama will unfold

    and the truth will be told.

    And it will be quite queer

    that we did not see what was clear.

    And how we will rue the day

    when we were swept away

    to become the slave

    of McCain’s conclave,

    and we will wish that it was history

    that Obama claimed victory!

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