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    i am hosting a BBQ party this weekend and want it to be delicious. i am by no means a pro chef, but i would like to put up yummy things besides the standard hotdog, burgers, steak, etc. unless you have a secret marinating sauce to prepare them in. any good ideas or experiments that you care to share? also, any good ideas besides for fries, onion rings, salad, for side dishes? last year we had different vegetables on the grill and was a real hit.


    Grilled pineapple slices


    I love grilled tomatoes and onions and grilled asparagus (I make it all the time in a grill pan, but it would be even better on an open flame).

    You could also set out a tray of cubed vegetables and meats and long bamboo skewers, and let people make their own skewers and grill them. That way, everyone gets exactly what they want. I really like a Hawaiian “jerk” style skewer. Being a vegetarian, I use tofu, pineapple, onion, mango, tomato, and red pepper, but I bet it would work well with steak too (and make sure to drizzle with barbecue sauce). That’s just one example. Play around with it.


    potato salad and cole slaw usually go over at grills. also you can prepare a cucumber salad. they do not take so long to prepare.


    tzaddiq – Most people burn the meat and it ends up raw on the inside. Use hickory chips and cook on a low flame or charcoal. Flip when juices coming out the other side.


    Grilled portobellos, marinated in EVOO, rosemary, garlic, and balsamic vinegar, are delicious, and eggplant, zucchini, and other veggies can be done like this.

    You can try making different kinds of burgers, such as Jack’s facon burgers, and you can do BBQ chicken thighs and drumsticks, Jack’s sausages (the chorizo and Italian ones are superb), grilled salmon, and even grilled peaches or other stone fruits are delicious. Ribs on the bbq (low and slow cooking) are excellent, as is brisket prepared in this manner.

    I had something called a Lyula kebab in a Bukharian restaurant a while ago- basically ground beef, onion, parsley, cumin, and other spices tightly wrapped on a metal skewer and grilled. This is amazing with pita and babaganoush. Come to think of it, babaganoush is a great BBQ idea- grill the eggplant over the coals until it’s soft and smoky, and then mash with garlic, techina, cumin, parsley, and onion.


    grill very big cockroaches.


    toi- i’m not trying to frighten my guests away, i want to impress and entertain. but hey thanks, i’ll keep that one with me when i need it 😉

    rebdoniel- i am salvating reading your posts. evrything sounds so delicious.

    i think i will serve with the bbq, tortilla chips and salsa sauce, cole slaw, cucumber salad, lettuce salad, pickles, and 3 types of knishes (potato, spinach, and mushroom). sounds good?


    Thank you, tzaddiq. You can now see why I fret over the cost of kosher food, lol.


    Food is more expensive for those who like to cook? On the contrary. It is cheaper to cook at home rather than go out to eat constantly.


    Quality produce, kosher cheeses, spices, oils, vinegars, proteins, etc. are not cheap.


    It is still significantly cheaper than eating out all the time.

    Furthermore, hechshered ground spices can be purchased cheaply. Vinegars other than wine and balsamic are available cheaply under hechshered national brands. Specialty oils are expensive, but then so are their non-kosher equivalents and they should be used sparingly anyway. Quality produce does not have to be expensive (it certainly isn’t in Israel, but even in the States you can find it reasonably priced if you eat seasonally and know where to shop). Kosher cheese, meat, and fish are more expensive than their non-kosher equivalents and therefore should be limited if you are looking to save money.


    My friend (the chumra queen) once told me that only chilonim barbecue. Frum people don’t.


    Frum people BBQ in this world to appreciate Hashems bounty with Brachos before and after…….. and won’t BBQ in the next world!


    Frum people can BBQ all they want as long as it’s not on Pesach!


    Last BBQ we did we took some apples put brown sugar on them and put them on the grill at the end, was really very good. Lots of fruits come out nicely on the grill actually.


    If a person had a Kasher le Pesah grill, what could the problem be with a BBQ? Lots of people grill on Hol haMoed. You’re even allowed to transfer a flame on yom tov to light a charcoal grill. I think a yom tov “al ha esh” is a mechaya. Most things that people grill aren’t hametz.


    I was referring to the prohibition of eating roasted meat at the Seder.


    grill very big cockroaches.

    Eh, why hunt down the cockroaches when you can have your fill of cicadas? 🙂


    The issur of eating tzli esh by the seder is incumbent upon the minhag hamakom. Regardless, a person could eat grilled fruits or vegetables, fish, Sephardim can have grilled corn on the cob, etc.



    sunday we’ll be grilling supper, and having friends over to join us. any good bbq recipes?


    We need to differentiate between grilling a BBQ. They’re two different things!

    Barbecue is using indirect heat to slowly cook things. It can be done using a grill, but not a propane one! It’s usually using wood chips to smoke the meat while slow cooking it.

    Grilling is putting the food directly above the heat source and cooking it relatively quickly.

    What most people here refer to as BBQ is not really BBQ! It’s just grilling.


    Yes, but you use the same grill and do both at the same time for different things.

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