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    I bought this Dougies BBQ buffalo wings sauce the other day.

    However, when I tried cooking it, the sauce wouldn’t ‘stick’ to the wings. It basically was like a soup in the pot.

    Anybody have any ideas how to make it stick?

    Thanks in advance


    Lightly brush egg yoke over the chicken before adding the sauce, it usually works..


    1st timer

    i think if you broil the wings for a few minutes, then when still piping hot add the sauce. It should get candied and sticky.


    first you need to cook the wings. preferably on a rack over a sheet pan so the juice drips off. season the wings and drizzle with olive oil., then when cooked and crispy, dunk them all in a bowl with that sauce which has been brought to a boil on the stove with a Tablespoon of margarine added to it. (or less depending on how much you’re making) When you fish them out of the bowl you can put them back on the rack and put them under the broiler for a minute or two. watch carefully. key is to cook the wings first to get rid of all the juices. you can add some of those juices into the sauce when boiling it up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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