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    I Just realized how our own heimisha company squeeze out our cash, yes steal out of our kids cups a bit orange juice, its really shocking , we all know that golden flow and lakewood are the same company, but… the lakewood version has less, yes less OJ in the bottle then the golden flow version, how do I know?? Look at the bottle!! Both bottles look the same, the both have the same price ( average 2.99) but.. The lakewood scheme has only 59 oz in it vs the golden flow that has 64 oz, yes it does say on the bottle that it only has 59 oz (so u cant …) but instead of making a smaller bottle ( like new square did ) and charge about 25 cents cheaper, they made the same bottle but put LESS juice so they can profit more. I didn’t believe the numbers when I saw it so I put them both on scale, lakewood weighs 4.17 vs golden flow 4.52, this is a real shaila of g’neivas daas, Gneivas mumain etc, they had never come out to let every one know that it has less juice, they were hoping that no one will REALIZE this scheme, I hope with this wonder full site we will make every one aware of this and maybe let’s all not buy lakewood products for a month or so.

    Quick calculation gives about .23 cents per bottle steal, Families that buys 4 bottles per week equals to about 1 dollar a week which ends up to $4 month and $48 year!!!!

    Please mind my spelling and grammar.

    Don’t believe it??? Check it out for your self!!!!


    It is g’neivas da’as, because people assume that cartons of this size are 64 oz., not 59 oz.


    I remember that as soon as Lakewoood came out with their new 59 oz. bottle (a couple years ago?) Golden Flow put big ads in all the papers announcing that theirs holds more (64 oz), and people shouldn’t be tricked by the other company.


    Hakesef ya’aneh es hakol…………(v’hamayvin ya’vin)


    i think that in lakewood (ir hatorah) we can easily ask da’as torah whether this is assur or mutar. coffee room posters are not poskim. daas torah should be consulted on this matter.


    thinkinghelps-I actually did not know they were the same company and I do appreciate it when people will point these things out. Since they are the same company, my money may still go to a heimishe company but get more for my money!


    It would only be gneivas daas if they marked it as 64 oz. but only filled it with 59 oz.

    You say they clearly state the oz. on the label. I think it is lousy merchandising, but they haven’t done anything dishonest. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. If you want to make a difference, STOP buying the product. You will see how fast they will change.


    B”H that we have the time and energy to argue about something as mundane as orange juice. May this be the worse of our problems.

    (BTW: if it bothers you so much don’t buy the 59oz containers.)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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