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    I was at someones house for Yom Tov and I mentioned I knew Spanish. One of the Kids wanted to show me the spanish that he knew. He said the School Janitor taught him some Spanish.

    Needless to say I was shocked what the Janitor taught him, they were not words a yeshiva boy should know and his mother would have slapped him had he said it in English.

    I am willing to be the Janitor thought it was funny to teach some jewish kids some bad Spanish words figuring the parents did not know what they were (or the kids)


    So what should we do about it? Fire the janitors?


    Even when they mean no harm, janitors and cooks at schools can have unintended influences on kids. My sister’s son would talk to the women serving the food in the cafeteria. They couldn’t understand why his family doesn’t have a TV at a home, why he didn’t know who this or that celebrity was, etc. Of course, these are just the differences in what we value vs. what they value, but my nephew, at 8 years old, was not able to justify why his family was so different.


    That is why it is a mistake to think your child is in a protective cocoon and there is no need to teach what the outside influences are. If they’ve no idea what is they are susceptible to trying it


    Is the kid a social misfit that he is shmoozing with the janitors?


    less- so we should expose our kids to all things unholy in a futile attempt to keep them normal? brilliant. anyway, we used to teach our english teachers that ani chamor meant good morning. principal wasnt too pleased.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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