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    d a

    Does anybody know what the job entails? How much they pay? Is it a easy job? Is it fun? How does one sign up?


    they still exist?

    has anyone ever gotten a helpful answer from them, which they could not have gotten from google sms?


    what is ChaCha???


    you get about 10 – 20 cents a question

    Sister Bear

    chacha is this thing you could text any questions to. Their number is 242 242 (cha cha). They also have a bunch of other features.

    I just texted them How can one sign up to be a cha cha guide?

    here’s their answer:

    Go to the website and take a look around first of all. Second, please take some time to fill out the registration forms, watch some videos about guiding and take a test, and you too can be a ChaCha Guide!!!

    YW Moderator-42

    I have heard that many of the questions you get are not appropriate for B’nei Torah to be reading, therefore I have not applied to be a guide.


    Back when ChaCha first started I signed up to be a guide, they were paying $0.20 per answer. I did it for about a month at night and made about $500. I stopped after a month but I still log in once in a while to see if they made the system any better. Since then they’ve changed their system, to make more questions automated, so guides don’t get paid and they lowered the amount they pay, I think most questions only pay $0.10 now. During that month I got quite a bit of inappropriate questions, unfortunately lots of them were from people who had previously asked questions that you would only expect from a frum jew. It’s now possible to filter out those type of questions. I don’t really see it as a good way to make money, although it’s better than doing nothing. If you do use ChaCha to ask questions keep in mind that the guides see your past questions and that ChaCha is aware that they have a lot of orthodox jews using their service and they pay a lot of attention to what questions you’re asking.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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