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    If I book a ticket for a flight on chol hamoed pesach, do I have to check my assigned seat for chametz?
    When you rent a hotel room you do, so why should this be different?
    (as opposed to say a train where you just gain entry rights but don’t have rights to any specific spot)
    Here if you come on board and someone is in your seat you can ask them to vacate it. So it’s really yours for the duration of the flight. So why don’t you need to be bodek it?
    Or do you?



    Fly Southwest, they have open seating, avoid the problem


    You don’t reside in your plane seat. Do you also need to check your taxi seat on the way to the airport? Or a park bench you sit on while tying your shoes?


    Interesting concept contrary to my post on a different thread which was tongue-in-cheek I don’t do all that much flying so it’s not really a question in actuality it was more of a hypothetical


    Luckily Pesach 2020 the question doesn’t apply (even if you have to check your seat on the flight,) most people are not flying!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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